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Two office issued opinions to perfect the "Three Rights Separation" to Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October 30 (reporter Dong Jun) Xinhua News Agency 30, authorized to publish the general office of the CPC Central Committee and State Council "on perfecting the ownership of land management rights contract rights division to see" the countryside, gradually establish a standardized efficient operation of "three powers" mechanism, and constantly improve the ownership of clear and complete power, smooth circulation, protection of rural land property rights system strictly, for the development of modern agriculture, increasing farmers’ income and building a new socialist countryside to provide a solid guarantee. In recent years, with the deepening of industrialization and urbanization, a large number of agricultural population to the towns, the scale of rural land circulation continues to expand, the emergence of a large number of new business entities, the main body of land contract right with the separation of ownership and management has become more and more popular. Opinions have pointed out that, at this stage of deepening the reform of rural land system, farmers to keep land contract rights, the transfer of land use rights will be divided into contractual operation right of land contract rights and management rights, ownership, contract rights, the right to operate a parallel split, efforts to promote agricultural modernization, is the household contract responsibility system the rural reform and a major institutional innovation is the basic rural operation system of self-improvement. Opinions requirements, improve the "Three Rights Separation" approach, to explore effective forms of collective ownership of rural land, the implementation of collective ownership, farmers stable contractual rights, liberalize land management rights, give full play to the "three rights" the function and overall utility. Through practical exploration and theoretical innovation, and gradually improve the "three powers" relationship, for the implementation of the "three powers" to provide strong support. Comments pointed out, to do well in rural land ownership registration certification work, confirm the "three rights" subject of rights, clear ownership, stable land contract relations. Establish and improve the standardized management system of land circulation, improve the supervision and control mechanism of agricultural land leasing, and ensure the orderly transfer of land management rights. Construction of new business entities to support the policy system, speed up the rural land contract law and other relevant laws and regulations to improve the work.相关的主题文章: