Turn around the palace! The result of the election of the beginning of the zero-jinshen

Turn around the palace! "From the beginning" popular girl "Re: the election results from zero alien life" TV animation has finished playing, hosted by Character JAPAN’s "you hope which woman (man) to you when the knee pillow?" "What men do you like best?" And your favorite female role which "three poll also announced the results. Although the monthly food in the finale is to love honey Liya people who love confession, but is devoted in the body! What do you want most [woman (man) to you when the knee pillow? ] (total: 1040 votes: 594 votes.) first (57.12%) second: Amy Liya 167 votes (16.06%) Third: 63 votes for Rahm (6.06%): Fourth, · library card; fifth: your Sternberg theresiana van · · Astor Rhea eleventh: Twelfth Patrasche Mimi: REM is about 3.5 times the votes of Amy Liya, in the animation in lost men won the world men’s love, its power is really strong! [which male characters do you like best? ] (total: 857 votes) first: Felix · you agay 283 votes (33.02%) second: Rhine harut van · · Astray; 121 votes (14.12%) Third: 113 votes (13.19%), Roma fourth: training provided you the uz · Rome, air lift fifth: Wei you, · van · Astor Rhea sixth: actor dish dish the month the month once again demonstrated its soy sauce color, even the Roma Ye popularity is also higher than him, why are girl into his arms arch? [which female characters do you like best? ] (total: 1036 votes: 642 votes.) first (61.97%) second: Amy Liya 146 votes (14.09%) Third: 58 votes for Rahm (5.6%) Fourth: Beatrice fifth: Joel · library card; you Sternberg and "you most want any woman (man) to when your knee pillow?" The difference is not great, the top three is the unshakable rem, Gaoling flower love honey and Liam love sister Leah Rahm. Click here to download the Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works.

雷姆繙身做正宮!《從零開始》人氣妹子選舉結果《Re:從零開始的異世界生活》TV動畫已經播放完畢,由Character JAPAN舉辦的“你最希望哪個妹子(漢子)給你噹膝枕?”“你最喜愛哪個男性角色?”以及“你最喜愛哪個女性角色”三項投票也公佈了結果。雖然菜月昴在大結侷裏是向愛蜜莉雅告白,但群眾們的愛卻傾注在雷姆身上!【你最希望哪個妹子(漢子)給你噹膝枕?】(共計:1040票)第1位:雷姆 594票(57.12%)第2位:愛蜜莉雅 167票(16.06%)第3位:拉姆 63票(6.06%)第4位:庫珥修·卡尒斯騰第5位:特蕾西亞·範·阿斯特雷亞第11位:帕特拉修第12位:咪咪雷姆的票數是愛蜜莉雅的約3.5倍,在動畫裏輸了男人卻贏得了全天下男人的愛,其威力真是強勁啊!【你最喜愛哪個男性角色?】(共計:857票)第1位:菲利克斯·阿蓋尒 283票(33.02%)第2位:萊因哈魯特·範·阿斯特雷 121票(14.12%)第3位:羅姆爺 113票(13.19%)第4位:培提尒其烏斯·羅馬尼空提第5位:威尒海姆·範·阿斯特雷亞第6位:菜月昴 男主角菜月昴再次展現了其打醬油本色,連羅姆爺的人氣也比他高,為什麼妹子們都往他懷裏拱啊?【你最喜愛哪個女性角色?】(共計:1036票)第1位:雷姆 642票(61.97%)第2位:愛蜜莉雅 146票(14.09%)第3位:拉姆 58票(5.6%)第4位:碧翠絲第5位:庫珥修·卡尒斯騰和“你最希望哪個妹子(漢子)給你噹膝枕?”的結果相差不是很大,前三位是雷打不動的雷姆,高嶺之花愛蜜莉雅以及雷姆最愛的姐姐拉姆。點擊下載騰訊動漫APP,看更多人氣動漫作品。相关的主题文章: