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Trump Jo to launch a trade war, iPhone will become a bad sell – Sohu technology after the election of Trump, the United States, the most troublesome technology company CEO is probably Apple’s. Since Trump announced that Apple would move the factory back to the United States, and called for the boycott of Apple products, so that after his election, Mr. Cook also issued an open letter to employees to unite, continue to look forward to. As a result, they are now involved in another incident with Trump. Trump’s other political attention is that he intends to fight a trade war with China, including the aforementioned apple to the product line back to the United States to produce, so that China can not make money. In addition, he also said that to stop the trade deficit, and accused China of manipulating the exchange rate, the competitive devaluation of the way, so that China’s manufacturing industry to obtain export advantage. Trump believes that China should be punished in this way, China’s accession to the punitive tariffs of up to 45%. Trump has not yet taken office, Chinese officials are not currently criticized for these remarks of Trump. However, the Global Times reported in a report that the Global Times said that if the United States launched a trade war with China, it would be a lose lose situation. The government will present Chinese orders for Boeing aircraft switched to Airbus, and then let the iPhone and the United States imported car sales are down, the other part of the United States food imports will stop, and the number of students will also limit the Chinese to study in the United States, the United States lost huge money from the Chinese. Over the past two years, apple attaches great importance to the Chinese market, not only in China opened a large number of Apple’s flagship store, and Cook also frequently appeared in China, showing the importance of apple for this market. If because of the election of Trump, Trump and Chinese to become Apple trade between a propaganda tool, but no matter which side is the description of Apple’s end seems to be not very good. At this time, Cook used to come back the letter of encouragement to the staff inside the letter, quoted the words of Martin Luther, seems to feel more: "if you can not fly, then run; if can’t run then walk; if cannot walk, then crawl; but no matter how, you have to keep moving. The direction of." (by T off state authorized reprint; source: Flickr Mike DeerkoskiCC BY the first figure 2) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: