Trump announced the results of the medical examination, said the doctor is in good health

Trump announced the examination results of doctors called "good health" in the medical records of Hilary for the first time publicly, Trump’s campaign team has publicly reviewed the latest results of his personal examination, evaluation of Trump "health doctor is very good." According to the published results, Trump’s personal doctor Harold Bornstein said he is 6 feet 3 inches (about 1.91 meters), weighing 236 pounds (about 107 kg), body mass index (BMI) was 29.5, the height is overweight (Note: BMI 30 is considered obese). Bornstein also said that Trump took normal cholesterol and low doses of aspirin, and the results of echocardiography were normal. For the 70 year old Trump, people who take aspirin and cholesterol lowering drugs are common health care measures. CNBC reported that the above health examination results than trump campaign team previously announced more details, but not comprehensive medical records, in addition to not see when he was 11 years old outside the details of past history of appendectomy. ABC news also said that although Trump’s campaign team said the above information is a medical record, but in fact, only a letter issued by the doctor Bornstein and a letter of confirmation page Lenox New York Hill hospital. They show that Bornstein is an employee of the hospital and has the qualifications to provide clinical medical services in the hospital. The results of the above physical examination and local time on Thursday aired the U.S. popular medical TV program Dr.Oz Show generally consistent. On Wednesday, Trump said he was willing to "lose a little weight, which is a little difficult for my lifestyle.". What I want to do is to lose 15 to 20 pounds." During the campaign for president Trump repeatedly photographed eating fast food pictures. His cholesterol and blood pressure levels were normal on Friday, and testosterone levels were in the normal range. Recently, Trump’s rival Hilary in "health": held in New York "911" 15 anniversary, Hilary unwell, was photographed in helped others under the car left, causing speculation on his health. Doctor Hilary then explained, when Hilary have a fever, congestion, excessive fatigue, after several days of the trip, congestion has become more serious and began to cough and pneumonia found in the detection of chest CT. Trump campaign team began to question the health of Hilary, but I hope that Hilary can get better soon". On Wednesday, the Hilary campaign’s public medical records showed that she was recovering from a mild and non contagious pneumonia, and other important indicators were in the normal range. That is, a few hours before the results of Hilary’s physical examination, in Dr.Oz Show show he never publicly reported health records. Trump’s doctor has said that if he is elected, will become the most healthy president in the history of the United states.相关的主题文章: