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Transformation and the force of private enterprise vitality (economic focus) – Finance – People’s drawing: Shen Yiling want to enter the top 500 private enterprises, the threshold to be how high? China’s top private assets, the total number? In order to achieve healthy and stable development, private enterprises have made what efforts? 25, sponsored by the National Federation of industry and commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce to support the top 2016 private enterprises in China held a press conference held in 500. HUAWEI Klc Holdings Ltd, Suning holding group, Shandong Wei Bridge Venture Group Co., Ltd. ranked 2016 in the top 500 private enterprises in China top three. In the past year, the world’s top 500 private enterprises entered the ranks to further accelerate the pace of the top 500 private enterprises in the 12 finalists list of the world’s top 500, a net increase of 5 over the previous year, an increase of 71.43%. Contrarian growth, 2015 net profit after tax increase of 17% from the first release of about 4 billion 500 million yuan threshold, just five or six years time threshold exceeded 10 billion yuan, which can be said to be a sign of private enterprises bigger and stronger, the strength of growth." Tan Lin, Minister of economic affairs of the National Federation of industry and commerce. 2016 Chinese private enterprises issued a report shows that in 2015, the top 500 finalists for the private sector was $10 billion 175 million, an increase of 7%, the growth rate increased by 2.76 percentage points year on year. Finalists threshold over ten billion, while the total assets of 500 private enterprises also continue to maintain rapid growth. The report shows that in 2015, the top 500 private enterprises with total assets of 17 trillion and 300 billion 487 million yuan, 34 billion 601 million yuan per household, an increase of 25.16%. 2015, China’s economy is facing severe downward pressure. In this context, the top 500 private enterprises not only to achieve a rapid growth in the size of the enterprise, the profit level has also been improved. Data show that in 2015, 500 private enterprises after tax net profit of $697 billion 660 million, an increase of 17.67%. In this regard, Tan Lin said that the top 500 private enterprises in the development of private enterprises is the leader of vanguard, regardless of innovation ability or capital advantage, and grasp of the market has a unique advantage, so the profit is good. But Tan Lin also stressed that although the profits of private enterprises is increasing, but profitability is declining, indicating that the market environment is still in a difficult period. From the data point of view, the top 500 private equity net profit margin decreased from 2014 to 4.03% of the net assets yield by the year of 2014, down to 13.32% of. The industrial structure has been optimized, and the scale of the three assets is more than half of the current, and the third industry has become the largest industry in the national economy. In the top 500 private enterprises in the industrial structure, the industry is still the dominant position of the second, but the proportion of the third industry to further increase the number of finalists continued to increase. The report shows that in 2015, the top 500 private enterprises in a number of enterprises producing finalists of the previous year, the number of listed enterprises during four consecutive years of decline, from 380 in 2012 fell to 357 in 2015. Three the number of finalists in the enterprise increased for the four consecutive year, from 2012 to 2015 to 117相关的主题文章: