Top Seven Tips To Think Your Way To Success-restorator

Business Every great business product or service that exists today was once first conceived as an idea in someone’s mind. No matter whom you are or what your experience, everyone has that same ability to think of the next revolutionary idea as culturally enhancing as the paperclip. 1. Read books and magazines regularly and often. The more knowledge and information you provide your brain, the higher the probability it will be able to return the next million dollar idea. 2. Take 30 minutes to an hour each day to think up new and interesting ideas. The more you ask your brain to provide this kind of information, the better it gets and producing it naturally and spontaneously. 3. Work through ideas, and figure things out. Everyone has good ideas however, the most successful people are the ones who take the time to think the idea through and flesh it out. 4. Don’t beat yourself up for bad ideas. You know you’ve had themthat idea that you were certain was a winner but turned out to be a stinker. That’s part of the process of working through ideas; accepting when you discover insurmountable flaws in your plan that its time to move on the next one even though you already told your spouse and close friends about this brilliant idea you had. My wife accuses me on a regular basis of not being able to focus on one project for long enough to .plete it. My response is that I’m able to focus just long enough to figure out something is not feasible given my current resources. 5. Embrace the possibilities. You’ve heard of the expression, there are many ways to skin a cat. Well there are a myriad of ways to ac.plish your ideas if you are willing to explore every avenue and chase down every dead-end until you find the most workable solution. 6. Keep a pad and pen by your bedside. Some of my best ideas .e either just as I’m trying to get to sleep or when I wake up from a dead sleep with an idea or a solution to a problem I’ve been considering. There are two important things to be aware of. First, the times you have a difficult time falling asleep is your body’s way of telling you that you need to do a brain dump and get your thoughts down on paper. The minute you do, you’ll settle back down into bed and fall asleep almost instantly. The second consideration is that if you wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea and you fail to write it down (thinking of course that you’ll do it in the morning), you will most like not be able to remember parts of or all of the idea, and then it’s gone from your mind until you see someone else has implemented it. 7. Don’t say that it’s already been done so you can’t do it; ask how you can do it better. So many great ideas are iterations of other good ideas that ac.plished a purpose but did not grow to its full potential. The best ideas are often improvements on other concepts. Keep an open mind. If you follow these suggestions, you’ll find your mind spontaneously producing more ideas than you know what to do with at the present time. Not only is this an enviable position to be in, that is exactly what you are striving for. Once you have a plethora of ideas to draw from, simply pick and choose the best of your best ideas and get working. Before you know it, you’ll .e up with that $100 million idea that will change your life forever and leave a legacy behind you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: