Tongli ancient town, the ordinary life of fireworks

The ancient town of Tongli, there are fireworks breath the ordinary life of the ancient town of Tongli, there are fireworks breath ordinary life photo: TIM life traveler and not the same as Wuzhen, Tongli, is still a town life would look like. Jiangnan water is too many, but can have time to stop, look at Tongli, is also a rare fate. [town] evening went to town, to walk a few stone arch bridge, cobblestone road paved a kilometer away, let all the way to the guests and sorrow and joy, joy is the road quite ancient, the trunk is in the hands of the kekepengpeng worry drag into the bottom of the wheel to estimate out. The Tongli water theater, turn left and then turn into the alley is not far, we settled the Tongli red Inn, the inn is quiet and elegant, is the old "Jiayin hall next door in the Qing dynasty". One hundred meters away, it is the "world" shops in the streets and alleys of the tourists square, the evening is empty, from the bottom up Yu Yu Xiang a lone woman, as we quickly capture images. We prefer quiet, rare master is also very reassuring and generous, for we live, we will let loose a powerful and unconstrained style. The town in the evening, visitors are dispersed after the life way, along the river, put up a long pergola, filled seats, but few guests. The river goes, Furuhashi, the earliest ancient bridges such as "the bridge" is the Southern Song Dynasty, and "peace, Geely and Changqing bridge". Bridge on both sides of the stone, engraved with the antithetical couplet, such as Pu Bridge "is a poetic couplet containing rules" Moonlight Shadow "on both sides as the pick list song". Some stone, there will be a few split and river corridor, but are built along the river corridor, centre.jpg column, black tiles, hang a few street lamp, can barely see them, Something is better than nothing. The river boat had a rest on a small pier, every family door, is actually a small pier, a few steps down, the housewife can squat washing clothes in the water, wash the dishes; there’s an uncle worn on the arm cuff, carrying a coal stove, standing beside the fire, probably it saw a surge of coal dust, four; corner family, mother-in-law a little light, took the scissors, cut down a pile of Gordon basket, also known as the Gorgon, but this place a treasure. Then we are in a dessert shop in Suzhou Pingjiang Road, a bowl of Gordon sweet soup, a bowl of soup soup water, total is 5, 6 grain heads, two or three sweet scented osmanthus, the teeth are not enough. [old] Tuisi Garden in Tongli is the only "World Heritage", is the largest garden, just look the Taihu stone layer landscape garden, in addition to imagine hundreds of years ago, the house owner’s three wife and six concubines, servant of life, seems to have been difficult to have striking place. The ancient people used to be their own reading garden gives deep meaning, Tuisi Garden name from "Zuo Zhuan" "thought to after retiring and amend errors" famous. Let me not interested in the progressive winding corridors in the garden, but the water "boats", that is a replica of the Huachuan Pavilion, to realize the master at home, can be invited 35 friends to come home, "Huachuan carrying wine, poetry E相关的主题文章: