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"Tom" praised the Guangzhou fans – Guangdong channel — original title: "Tom" like Guangzhou fans "man on Jack: never" poster Tom Cruise got it?. Movie "man:" never look back on Jack in October 21st will be shown in china. Yesterday, the film held a meeting in Guangzhou. Starring "Tom" Tom? Cruise and director Edward Zwick? Before mapping surprise appearance, although only a short period of time. In 5 minutes, but raised a viewing frenzy. The 54 year old "Tom" sincere to the meat of a fighting approach, "Tom" can’t wait to express the love of Guangzhou, said the Guangzhou fans enthusiasm deep infection. Tom? Kelusitan said, he has been very love China, works before the "Mission Impossible 3" is set in Shanghai, the return, make him feel very cordial and familiar. It is reported that Tom? Charming man Cruise played in the film. Jack was framed in? Retscher, suffered wanted cases, calm thinking to wash away unrighted wrong. "Tom said," there are a lot of exciting action stunts, sincere to the meat in the wonderful fighting, which makes him feel very enjoyable. Although 54 years old, but the "cruise take action is still very hard:" I have a lot of jumping, racing games play in the play, I was very cool, but there is a scene I jump down from the window, the results hit the air conditioner, very painful!" Tom? Kelusitan says, he is "preference" on the character of Jack, the two episode that he and the characters in the story seems to be made one, this is the only one dedicated to his 2016 movie audience. It is reported that Guangzhou was "the Chinese cruise trip to the third station, Chinese about this trip," Tom "said:" I am love in different countries and different cultures into the movie, as a film actor, I have great respect for China film, so I am very happy. You can be a world of mutual influence and promote each other, the Chinese trip is unforgettable in my life a wonderful trip." Director: human emotions and action effects are equally important, although this is the second series of the Jack series, it is directed by the director of the film series for the first time, Edward. He had said in an interview, although the film has a lot of action scenes, but the emotional elements in action movies is also very important: "action, emotion and action stunts are equally important, sometimes people make a movie seem to forget this point, I think even serious movies must also be added to human emotion." Edward said he likes Chinese Kung Fu very much, and he has prepared some special surprises for the audience. The heroine, Chinese Kou bi was known to the audience for his role in the popular drama "oldies romance" in the "Aunt Robin"? The history of moders, this time in the film also show some, and Tom? Cruise staged a hero with the beauty of the adventure. It is reported that, in order to film in the field of action drama, she practiced every day fighting skills. (Huang An) (commissioning editor Zhong Zhe and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: