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Tips for Event Recruitment and Successful Lead Generation Events Events such as conferences, trade shows and web seminars are a great way for businesses to reach out to prospects. However, even the best events can fall flat on their face without carefully planned execution. oDoes your company have events lined up for new quarter? oAre you wondering if your event recruitment activities will be successful? oAre you sure everyone on the event team has their act together? Here are some quick tips for successful event planning: Start early You need to start your event planning activities 2-3 months before the actual event. Here is a brief list of almost everything you need to do to make your event successful. Targeted prospect lists Invite your prospects using targeted lists and clean databases. Use cold calling if you must, and send email invites for building awareness ahead of asking prospective attendees to register for the event. Make sure your communications clearly answer the question whats in it for them? Make sure they register online Always ensure your registrant self -registers for the event online. Sometimes executives are not comfortable registering for events based on a cold call; its your job to make them comfortable by giving the right information options on the registration page. Keep your website updated Update your website homepage with event registration information and clear links to the registration page. In case it is a paid event, have an easily visible, secure on-line payment process. Keep in touch; dont disconnect Start early with event promotion and event recruitment activities; keep in touch with both prospects and registrants by updating them about the event and how attending it will benefit them. Email them details of the speaker(s), some interesting news about the city (in case it is trade show) such as restaurants or offbeat stories. Event planning involves more than just sending out email! Get the event on their calendar Send calendar invites to registrants and follow up to ensure that your event is on their calendar. Remind, remind, remind People forget. Remind them by sending an email or call (a day or two before a web event, a week before an out-of-town event). Post-event follow-up Follow up soon after the event, (not longer than three days later) to thank them for attending, gather feedback and capture qualified leads and appointments for your sales team. Share your ideas for successful event planning!!! To learn more about how aMarketForce can help you with your event planning, event marketing, and aMarketForce event recruitment services, please visit: Ref: .amarketforce../blog/2010/10/tips-for-event-recruitment-and-successful-lead-generation-events/ aMarketForce can function as the back office support for a business’ sales/marketing department. Businesses can let aMarketForce handle the event details so internal sales teams can focus on making sales. Contact us to learn more about our event recruitment services and the other ways we can support your sales and marketing teams. jShrimali [SEO Manager] aMarketForce 888 Saratoga Avenue, Suite 203 San Jose, CA 95129 USA Phone: +1 (408) 342-1700 Toll Free: +1 (877) 342-1700 Fax: +1 (408) 342-1705 Email: [email protected] event recruitment, event recruitment services, event management, lead generation, event lead generation, event management, event management services, event lead generation services, event marketing, event email marketing 相关的主题文章: