Tianjin woman playing excellent step is brush Baidu customer service and cheated-darren hayes

Tianjin Women’s excellent step is "brush single" Baidu check "customer service" and cheated for nearly two days, the truth of Hebei District, Ms. Lee has been cheated 8498 yuan money chagrin. 13 evening, she called the car with excellent step software, the results hit the "ghost train" malicious brush, to complain about the driver, she searched the Internet for the excellent step in the company’s customer service phone, but do not want to be a liar cheated 8498 yuan. 13 evening around 10:30, the Lee family visited relatives live in Nanjing road a hotel, ready to take a taxi to go home, "we lift from the 30 floor, the elevator when the driver orders, can just lift to the 10 floor, the other is to confirm the charges, took less than 10 yuan." Ms. Lee realized that he might be the driver of malicious brush single, so I want to find yuho customer complaints, the hotel I help him in Baidu search, find a good step unified national customer service phone phone number: 010-80444374. In the past, a "step worker" said they did monitor the charges. Telephone, "excellent step staff" said, they in addition to refund Ms. Lee 9 yuan fare, but also to its reporting behavior for 200 yuan reward, and let Ms. Lee provide payment bank account, after the certification will transfer money to its account. "I usually pay with WeChat, the other side asked me to pay the WeChat barcode to tell him, but also specifically asked me the WeChat payment limit, I told him is 10 thousand yuan." And soon after Ms. Lee provided the bar code, her bill had more than two payment information, showing that it had been transferred 8498 yuan, "when I realized that it was a cheater, and then call the phone, the other side no longer answer the phone."." Ms. Lee immediately dialed 110, and to the local police station reported. According to statistics, as the release of fixed telephone through the network platform, and a software implementation of customer service car disguised fraud cases, this year 7-8 month, the Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation of anti fraud in the telecommunications network center received a total of nearly 30, basically is through the user’s query to the search engines such as Baidu fake customer service phone call encounter fraud, cheated amount from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars. Among them, due to abnormal fare caused by about 10, and some of the same number within a day will succeed more than one, and liar often choose to replace regular telephone after fraud. Excellent Tianjin market department responsible person told reporters yesterday, as of now, excellent taxi has no set customer service phone, communication channels are mainly two, respectively, through the help of the website and help the mobile phone client advisory or complaints. [news] reporter Wang Yuekun

津女子打优步被“刷单” 百度查“客服” 又被骗   近两天,家住河北区真理道的李女士一直为被骗8498元钱懊恼不已。13日晚上,她用优步软件叫车,结果遭遇“幽灵车”恶意刷单,为了投诉司机,她上网搜寻优步公司的客服电话,不想却被骗子骗走了8498元。   13日晚上10:30左右,李女士一家看望了住在南京路某酒店的亲戚,准备打车回家,“我们从30层下电梯,上电梯时就有司机接单了,可电梯刚到10层,对方就确认收费了,划走了不到10元钱。”李女士意识到,自己可能被司机恶意刷单了,于是就想找优步客服投诉,酒店的前台小哥帮他在百度搜索,查到一个“优步全国统一客服电话”的座机号码:010-80444374。拨打过去,一名“优步工作人员”称,他们确实监测到了这笔收费的异常。   电话中,“优步工作人员”称,他们除了要退还李女士9元钱车费,还要对其举报行为进行200元的奖励,并让李女士提供付款银行账户,在认证过后会将钱转到其账户。“我平时都用微信付款,对方就要我把微信的付款条形码告诉他,还特意问了我微信的付款限额,我告诉他是1万元。”而就在李女士向对方提供了条形码后不久,她的微信账单就多了两条付款信息,显示先后被转走8498元,“当我意识到是遇到骗子了,再打那个电话,对方已经不再接听电话了。”李女士随即拨打了110,并到属地派出所报案。   据统计,像这种通过网络平台发布固定电话,并伪装成约车软件客服实施诈骗的案件,今年7-8月份以来,天津市公安刑侦局反电信网络诈骗犯罪中心共接到近30起,基本上都是用户通过百度等搜索引擎查询到的假客服电话,拨打后遭遇的骗局,被骗金额从几千元到数万元不等。其中,因车费异常引起的为10起左右,有的一天之内同一号码会接连得手多起,而骗子行骗后往往会选择频繁更换固定电话。   优步天津市场部相关负责人昨天也向记者表示,截至目前,优步打车没有设置客服电话,沟通渠道主要有两个,分别是通过优步官网上的帮助页面以及通过优步手机客户端咨询或投诉。[新报记者 王月焜 ]相关的主题文章: