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Tian Jing responded: if there is a mysterious force behind why when the actor in the studio Tian Jing Huaxi city newspaper reported on October 10th, the National Day holiday, you see the huge crowds of people in the area, many star workers busy filming in the studio. During the national day, Tian Jing [micro-blog] released costume expression package in micro-blog, the message "national day seven days, shooting and music", Hengdian coordinates. Tian Jing told the WCC reporter, said: the National Day holiday this year, as in previous years she spent in work, this year is "filming in Hengdian tour". There are 365 days in a year spent in the crew, "Datang glory" after the film is immediately followed by the Zhang Yimou film "the Great Wall" propaganda, almost no time for leisure vacation, Tian Jing. "Eat more delicious food, reward yourself." Filming, she would walk fitness walking way to extract, or listening to music and reading a way to relax and watch the video, she also revealed that recently fascinated to see the video Gameng. Drama drama with adorable baby Tian Jing in Hengdian filming the TV series "Datang glory", adapted from the original novel "deep blue sea water energy-saving pearl legend", this drama is based on the background of the rebellion, the emperor of the Tang period, the reproduction of family love story. She plays Shen Zhenzhu, a highborn Jiangnan woman. Tian Jing revealed that at present the drama is still tense shot. Look at her micro-blog, in spite of filming is often the case recently, she has this habit: "time is tight and heavy task, what often have a little cold, which the actor did not persist in experience? Continue to work just fine, can not say that I am a spell, responsible for the work should be, the same group of staff members are the same." Asked about the stories behind the scenes, Tian Jing opened the chatterbox, said it was too much fun. For example, we are all dressed in Datang palace costumes, a little rest, we all wear costumes to play games, brush the phone, look at the feeling of crossing. Tian Jing wrote in a recent article in micro-blog: "I work the mood is not beautiful, but the two adorable came to blossoms……" It turned out that one of the two children is her child in the play, she called her mother". They play the mother in the play, but play together, cute adorable baby every day will bring her a lot of fun. The day started acupuncture punch after micro-blog Tian Jing drying out a few knees received acupuncture photos, in addition to the three glass cupping, a slender needle across the knee, across the screen can feel the pain. Shooting a new movie when injured? Tian Jing said, before she learned the dance exercise intensity, some old wounds, and then shooting training, causing knee effusion, when started every morning to acupuncture therapy, she kuzhongzuole, dubbed "and you punch in and work". There is such a dance skills, play she will personally. Just some of the action design for non professional actors, the risk factor is too high, the crew out of security considerations, or to ask experienced professional martial arts to help ensure the progress of the shooting. However, after going through the "the Great Wall" after half a year of closed devil training,相关的主题文章: