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Three meals a day to eat chili airline stewardess was diagnosed colorectal cancer three meals a day, he must eat chili, no spicy hungry eat something wrong with the airline stewardess, found to the hospital for medical treatment, simple abdominal pain into colorectal cancer, fortunately discovered in time, save lives. 39 year old stewardess abdominal pain was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, a flight attendant at the age of 39, suddenly felt abdominal pain, after gynecological examination did not find abnormalities, and in tumor markers screening, found a tumor signal. Through colonoscopy, colorectal tumor diagnosis reached metaphase. After understanding, the original airline stewardess is especially fond of spicy, three meals a day meal must have hot, plus in the flight mission often stays up late, lack of exercise at the same time, it is easy to cause the occurrence of colorectal cancer. Experts said that colorectal cancer is ranked third in the world, China’s top fourth malignant tumors, the mortality rate of fifth, the world’s annual population of 400 thousand people suffering from colorectal cancer. Including the pathogenic factors of colorectal cancer: high fat, high protein, low cellulose, promote bile secretion, promote bile acid decomposition activity of intestinal anaerobic bacteria to produce carcinogens, can also cause obesity; tumor necrosis factor induced DNA damage and cause cancer; constipation toxins remain stimulate the intestinal wall induced carcinogenesis. Because of the diet, colorectal cancer is actually a rich disease. The family of 7 people have been found in colorectal cancer experts, the study found that colorectal cancer risk factors include: genetic factors, colorectal adenoma, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis. The performance of the five rectal cancer clinical symptoms include: intestinal irritation and changes of defecation, hematochezia, intestinal obstruction, abdominal mass, anemia and wasting late symptoms of poisoning. Last year, a 70 year old man from Anshan who was hospitalized in the treatment of colorectal cancer, recovered well after surgery. Coincidentally, a year later, two middle-aged patient doctor was actually the children of the elderly, the two brothers appear symptoms of hematochezia. Experts suggest that the elderly including siblings, children and grandchildren are screening for colorectal cancer. Listen to a doctor’s advice, actually was found in colorectal cancer. The old man’s brother, the other two children and one grandchild were found in early colorectal cancer. After treatment, the patient recovered well and was discharged. Experts pointed out that there is a close relationship between colorectal cancer and dietary habits, prevention should be the mediation diet of less to eat oil, sugar, salt; the amount of dairy products, meat, fish, eggs and beans; eat more vegetables and fruits; eat most grains. And improve living habits, adhere to exercise to avoid obesity, treatment of constipation, regular physical examination, is the right way to prevent colorectal cancer. Hangzhou tourists sit bucket eat chili munching enjoy Rainbow Night相关的主题文章: