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This year the best drama, to shoot fashion’s most terrible murder – remember the American Sohu "crime story" in the United States this year? The first quarter beat is famous in the history of the United States O.J Simpson murder case, he scored 9 Emmy awards. Now the second season has yet to broadcast, came the third quarter has been renewed the news, but this time, "beauty" to make about the fashion circle big surprise: Varney · Jenny · Versace murder. "American crime story" the first season poster Versace was born in a remote town in southern Italy, the entire childhood living in the shadows, but rely on their own efforts and talents, set up a fashion brand, waved goodbye to the poor, the whole industry is to become the character at ease. The United States "Vanity Fair" at that time called him "civilian Idol" (the "civilian Idol" to create the brand to sell a pair of sports pants will be about ten thousand yuan, ha ha ha. Jenny Giovanni · · Versace had "? Wire counter attack story is a good IP, but such a struggle eventually murdered genius. Andrew shot his murderer? Nanan has a diametrically opposite life: he was idolized by her parents, the father of misappropriation of public funds was found before, lived a very good life. Father fled abroad after the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, he can only rely on prostitution, drug trafficking, smuggling and other underground transactions and lies one after another, to maintain their own lives still bright and full of illusion. Coonaan once wrote in the graduation album: "after me, flood. Andrew? Nanan Library in 1997, the southeastern part of the United States of Miami earlier than dilapidated seaside city. Luxury and hotels in the streets filled with neon lights, the enthusiasm of the South China Sea beach to meet the tourists all year round, private yacht docked not far away, I do not know who is holding the key to start it. If you do not pay attention, you simply can not identify the people in the Versace, he was alone, dressed simply, and it seems that the holiday is not the same as the ordinary rich two. 7:30, Versace looked at the time, although some late today, but this does not affect the mood, he is still very happy. If arrogant enough, he would think that he contributed to the busy world in front of this, there are a number of celebrities to follow him here to buy luxury. Moreover, he is about to make a big business, his body is also improving, it seems that everything is in the right direction. He smiled as he headed for the destination of the morning, the new coffee house on the South Beach, where he used to go on holiday. As he entered the room, he waved to the clerk politely and went to the shelves full of newspapers and magazines. He didn’t notice that Andrew, who was on the other side of the street, was staring into his eyes at Nanan. For Nanan, this is not the first time he saw Versace. In 1990, Versace was invited to San Francisco by the local opera house, which he had been accustomed to since he was in power in 1982相关的主题文章: