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The students were trapped in the elevator for 5 hours   delivery note for help homework — Hainan channel — 12, circle of friends a message is quite interesting, that is 11 in the evening, Heilongjiang Harbin Songlei junior high school student Sun Yixiao on my way home from school, trapped in the elevator for nearly 5 hours. Before he was rescued, in accordance with the safety button quickly to prevent the elevator suddenly fall, and then try to save themselves, after from the door and handed a note for help, the fire brigade rescue ladder broken before the sun Yixiao finished his homework in the elevator! For a time the students are called calm students"! Why didn’t you call for help? Is there a light in the elevator? How to finish the homework? What’s written on a slip of paper? Students how to evaluate? What kind of student is Sun Yixiao usually? 12, the reporter interviewed Harbin song Lei middle school grade eight class Yixiao sun, as well as his teacher, classmates and mother. Reporter: Why did not call for help? There is no signal in the elevator? Sun Yixiao: 11 evening about 5:30, my classmates and I came home from school, walking home together, Zhang Deyang. His home in the sun, send him home after I went home, went to the cell door, do not know why the door card does not work, so I went around to the front door, ready to take the elevator upstairs to go home. Who knows the elevator to the four floor suddenly motionless, I hurried to the first time according to the teacher and mother told the press the keys in the elevator, the elevator to prevent the rapid fall, the elevator buttons are no response. I have no mobile phone, we can only try to in the elevator shouted for help, because the four floor of a family only resident, the stairs nobody after two elevator with this unit, others sit another elevator, did not find the elevator is broken, which also trapped people it! Reporter: there are lights in the elevator? Were you scared? Sun Yixiao: just get a little scared, but think of the school teacher and my mother usually to speak, quickly put it one by one according to the lift button! The elevator stopped, but the lights in the elevator had not been destroyed. The elevator door has a small gap, I began to want to break out, I would like to, for fear of causing abnormal lift, or suddenly fall that is dangerous, so I want to side way, while inside for help. Reporter: I heard you from the elevator door outward handed a piece of paper, note what? How to finish the homework? Sun Yixiao: I’m calling for a long time in the elevator, because no one in the corridor, so nobody found I was trapped in an elevator. About half an hour later, I wrote a note from the elevator door and handed out. The note reads: "there are people who can help you see the property!" Elevator buttons are pressed, but also call for help, the note also handed out, it seems that I can only sit and others to save me. The bag is only a bottle of water, I sat in the bag, take out your book and book shop in the first leg, from mathematical physics, Chinese, and then, later put this back something memorized a few times. The day’s work is very relaxed, not much, not much time for peace, before coming out of the elevator, I have finished every section of the work. Reporter: what is the moment of feeling rescued? Sun Yi)相关的主题文章: