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The mobile phone function is very useful but you overlooked a dozen years ago, still functional machine era, I believe many people will think of using a mobile phone camera, listening to music and surfing the Internet are very strange things. However, now the phone has more and more new and interesting features, and sometimes even a lot of features are ignored. Next, the small series for everyone to take stock inventory is easy to be ignored, but the practicality and high functionality. 1 practical VPN function to speak of this feature, and now most of the smart phones are available. VPN is a remote access technology, simply say that the use of public networks to set up a dedicated network. For example, a company employee travel to the field, he would like to visit the server resources within the enterprise network, this visit is a remote access. VPN is the most practical place you can use the VPN proxy server, for example, we can access to foreign websites Youtube, wall Twitter and Facebook and other domestic and foreign websites cannot access (so you need to learn science and the Internet), and VPN for the wall’s principle is the equipment of remote access to your other lan. In fact, the vast majority of multinational companies and regional companies have to use VPN, and sometimes the government will use. 2 roaming mobile phone manufacturers in recent years, more and more mobile phone manufacturers began to open their own mobile phone services for international roaming services, such as HUAWEI’s "sky pass", Samsung’s S roaming, etc.. Earlier, the international roaming market positioning crowd are frequent business travelers, along with raising the level of domestic consumption, overseas tourism consumption has increased significantly, the Internet on mobile data demand also increased significantly, so the international roaming service market is more and more big. Although the operators also provide roaming services, but also opened the tariff expensive and troublesome, such as someone abroad winding circle of friends being huge traffic charges news is also It is often seen. However, HUAWEI skyline, Jin, and our hammer roaming service not only lower cost and is easy to use. However, it should be noted that the roaming services provided by vendors can only be used on their own products, and currently only supports some high-end models. For example a hammer hammer roaming, roaming service is built directly in the mobile phone system, in the settings menu "cellular data" in the opening, and then select "roaming service" can choose to buy mobile roaming traffic in different regions, the use of the time to replace the SIM card, or even inserted SIM card can also use roaming data. In addition, mainly by WeChat or Alipay hammer roaming charges, charges the prepaid mode, can avoid the risk of "sneak" and similar traffic generated huge traffic charges. 3 mobile phone security features a lot of friends on the phone’s security concept is very weak, once the phone is lost, can only be considered unlucky. However, in fact, many mobile phone manufacturers for their production of mobile phones to add security features, such as iPhone mobile phone find my iPhone feature, as well as the Android camp’s brand of mobile phone back to the function. Therefore, when we use the phone, remember to open this type of mobile phone anti-theft features, make good use of these features, even if you can not find the phone, you risk相关的主题文章: