There is insider! Mother Jane Zhang publicly Xinshou tore son-in-law Feng Keshai prenuptial

There is insider! Mother Jane Zhang publicly Xinshou tore son-in-law   Feng Keshai prenuptial agreement response — Hainan window – Jane Zhang mother open Xinshou tear son-in-law incident, Zhang mother said in an open letter to his daughter Feng Ke is a lifelong man, clearly opposed to Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s marriage. She said Feng Ke cheat prospective son-in-law Jane Zhang when the "mistress", and even misappropriation of Jane Zhang and her company. Then there is insider exposure by Feng Ke Jane Zhang Feng Ke Jane Zhang in the strict management, strictly within one meter can not have men. For this kind of thing, Sun Ke Feng premarital property agreement responded! Jane Zhang’s mother said, when the 19 year old Jane Zhang and Feng Ke met, Feng Ke Jane Zhang to create the close packing of reason, two people will want to know soon after intercourse, then Feng Ke told Liangying that he had been divorced for three years, later confirmed everything is a lie. In addition, Feng Ke also did not inform the case of Jane Zhang, changed the company’s equity. Subsequently, there is a cooperation with Jane Zhang, the famous singer broker for many years to the global star detective broke the news, she said that the contents of the mother’s letter in the open letter is basically true of Jane Zhang Feng Ke. The broker said, Jane Zhang is particularly simple, immersed in the music, at the age of 19 and Feng Ke together, to understand the traditional code of conduct is not very. She broke the news that Feng Ke had forbidden Jane Zhang to be in contact with all men, and that there would be no male within one meter. This afternoon, Feng Ke sent a long text reply, he said the first to apologize to Jane Zhang’s mother, he in the Zhang mother accused one responded, and Feng Ke said to use my life to cherish the good Jane Zhang and her kindness. The original text is as follows: in life, I have to call my mother together with Liangying, but in order to facilitate reading, I in the response to Liangying’s mother call. First of all, I would like to apologize to Liangying mother, let her into a storm, the community for the gossip chase effect, will disturb the lives of the elderly. (Chen Haiyan, commissioning editor Jiang Chengliu) four, the end of time on my last marriage. After many clarification, today, once again declared: I was separated from my ex-wife in 2002, after a divorce agreement, each of their own lives, and in 2005 formally for divorce procedures. I lived with my parents during the separation. I knew Liangying in 2003, just to appreciate her at first, and thought that she would only be a friend, and I began to divorce myself from all my friends, so as not to explain too much privacy. So at the beginning with Liangying is also said, for this, I have to Liangying and everybody solemnly admit my mistake. And when we were together for about a year, Liangying accidentally learned that I did not complete the divorce procedures, and I have separated. But I love her so much, don’t want to lose her, with her for months, and by the parents to communicate, my witness is indeed in the legal agreement process, separated and live at home with their parents, that is because the legal status can not be timely for end divorce. Finally won her understanding, and continue to communicate with me. Previously, Liangying in order to protect my privacy, not external)相关的主题文章: