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There are so many useful features of their own cars, we will use it? Auto – Sohu professor found now automotive configuration is more and more high, the function is also more and more, many luxury cars have also become more and more popular, like what seat heating, vehicle information interactive system, a variety of active safety technology, really convenient for daily traffic of our life. But it’s a wonder that people don’t seem to like these functions. In the final analysis, or we do not understand these configurations, I do not know what the role of these equipment and in the end can not be used. Today, the professor and we discuss these very useful features to see how they make our travel more convenient. Vehicle information service system once upon a time, on their own car has a vehicle information service system is a special thing, it is simply a symbol of identity. At that time, mobile devices are not so popular now, can use the vehicle information service system for navigation, music playback and even answer the phone is simply a luxury. But with the development of technology, the vehicle information service system has become almost every car standard, we hear the eight words of the vehicle information service system ", the first intuition is that it is another version of the vehicle navigation, this also led to a lot of people on the train will ignore the vehicle information service system. In fact, the vehicle information interactive system for various functions, various car manufacturers are racking their brains to change, like the BMW iDrive, Mercedes Benz Command, MIB and so on the public vehicle information service system includes not only conventional navigation, multimedia, telephone function, and also personal hand machine Internet, the mobile phone screen is mapped on the control screen and so on. Furthermore, like an Jetion Onstar new generation lacrosse, but also provide the 4G LTE wireless network, support 7 devices connected at the same time, coverage of up to 700 square meters, there are super Butler service. At the same time interconnected system Lacrosse is also compatible with AppleCarPlay and Baidu CarLife, both inside the office or entertainment are very convenient. ANC active noise reduction in addition to try their best to meet the needs of consumers in sight, out of sight, car manufacturers also is doing all it can to improve vehicle ride comfort, ANC active noise reduction is one of the biggest effect can enhance the degree of quiet carriage. ANC active noise reduction technology is composed of three parts: ANC processor, speaker and MIC microphone. System according to the size of the noise inside the car, through the loudspeaker to create a sound wave to offset the noise wavelength. At present, many brands are equipped with ANC active noise reduction, but almost every one of the ANC active noise reduction techniques are different, the performance of silence also need to be discussed individually. Pedestrian detection and early warning protection function compared to ANC active noise reduction, to know the pedestrian detection and early warning function is not much. But in fact, this feature is mostly equipped with Mercedes Benz, BMW and other luxury brand models. The most important function of this function is to remind the driver of the vehicle!相关的主题文章: