The X-ray, the vaccine, but also eat medicine, so that the baby can not come Sohu –

The X-ray, the vaccine, but also eat medicine, so that the baby can not come? Sohu – "I this maternal baby’s stomach, can be said to be a close call." Just sit down, to obstetric counselling of pregnant women said huang. "Small", you know? My husband and I have no intention of pregnancy, when our medical unit, I took an X-ray, called anti influenza vaccine, more unbelievable is that at that time, I also eat the pill, but, unexpectedly, I now still pregnant, you said that this child can want?" I smiled and said: "you are the baby in the stomach is tough enough." "Yes, but I look at the net, X-rays are harmful to the human body, especially for the fetus, the fetus can I have?" Huang care-laden asked. In obstetrics, we often encounter similar problems, some pregnant women, morning exercise, sprain foot, to the hospital for an X-ray, who knows, after a few days, to detect pregnancy, pregnant woman is in a dilemma, so it can not be the fetus? The latest medical research and clinical evidence suggests that in the early stages of pregnancy, is pregnant 4 weeks ago, women took medication or X light effect on the belly of the fetus only two results: the first result is due to X-ray irradiation, fetal miscarriage. The second results are not subject to the influence of fetal, normal growth. In other words, before 4 weeks of pregnancy medication or X light, if the baby grows normally, there will be no people worried about the consequences of fetal malformations. "Why is that?" In the face of ask explanation, asked huang. I said: "because in the early stages of pregnancy, sperm and eggs just with implantation of fertilized eggs, just a simple cell division, can increase the same cell number, but also did not differentiate into different cells, did not differentiate into tissues and organs, since not differentiated organs, also do not talk about on the formation of organ abnormalities, so don’t give birth to deformed children feared. In addition, the embryo in the process of cell division, there is a self correction function, if the cell division is smooth, the fetus will grow up healthy, if the cell division is not smooth, the fetus will be eliminated." Huang said: "however, because according to X light, fear of pregnancy, in the bedroom after I also ate emergency contraceptives, or pregnant, did not affect the pill on fetal development?" I smiled and said: "you should take is Yu Ting, the main components of emergency contraception is progesterone levonorgestrel, its pharmacological mainly by inhibiting ovulation, prevent the sperm and egg combination, to prevent the fertilized egg to play the role of contraception in the uterus. However, the contraceptive contraceptive success rate is not 100%, so women in the use of such drugs, there is still a certain probability of pregnancy. If the drug failed to inhibit ovulation, binding could not prevent the sperm and egg, has not stopped the fertilized egg implanted in the uterus, the fetus without hands on abortion, completely can be retained." "That, then.相关的主题文章: