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The global media comment iPhone  7: how would you spray – communication channel — original title: global media comment iPhone 7: how would you spray Beijing on September 8th news, apple today officially released the iPhone 7 7Plus, with no progress in industrial design, as well as the price (this time also, the price) of global media opened Tucao mode for apple. The world’s major media comment iPhone 7 (pictures from Tencent) in addition to iPhone, Apple also launched a new version of the Apple Watch 2 smart watches. Now let us take a look at how the global mainstream media (pen) said: "the New York Times" Apple: Apple incremental improvements replace leap upgrade and in recent years the conference, the conference apple still no major innovation products like a similar iPod player. Apple did not even an old classic products (such as the 2014 launch of the big screen phone) a major upgrade. "The Wall Street journal": Apple bet lucky number 7 "the Wall Street journal" that iPhone 7 is the key to reversing the decline in sales of apple. In their view, iPhone 7 is not an amazing piece of work, but he is very practical. This is also inseparable from the overall CEO Cook as Apple’s style of work. The Verge: in addition to the 3.5mm headset interface, the rest is good when TheVerge editors need to pay attention to summarize the normal conference thing, still the apple canceled 3.5mm headset interface on the first, and repeatedly reminded their readers. Engadget:AirPod is an interesting and ambitious product Engadget also disappointed for apple to cancel the 3.5mm headset interface. However, in their view, AirPod is a very interesting product, which contains a lot of Apple’s ambition. For iPhone 7, they think this is a whole has been upgraded smartphones, of course, consumers may not like his every change. IPhone 7Plus dual rear camera (pictures from Tencent) "Japanese economic news": in the water and the camera, apple returned to the "excellence" in the Nikkei said Apple waterproof function and the camera are impressive. They also believe that apple made answer to help them to revive sales growth momentum. U.S. technology blog The Next Web iPhone7 new features: waterproof light inside the most eye-catching is probably "waterproof" protection. It should be noted that the water here, is not to say that it is not afraid of flooding, but that it is not a short time into the water or splashing water on the scrap. Apple with a touch of the HOME key to replace the traditional physical HOME keys, but also help to improve the iPhon)相关的主题文章: