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The world’s first driverless taxi today in Singapore on the road, the text of the United States on Thursday, the world’s first unmanned taxi operators began operating in singapore. According to Peng Bo, the Wall Street journal and other media reports, passengers can make an appointment through a smart phone, free ride by nuTonomy taxi operators. NuTonomy, a start-up company that develops driverless car software, was founded by two Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers. Although Google, Baidu, Volvo and other companies have been testing unmanned vehicles on public roads in recent years, but nuTonomy said it was the first to provide the public with automatic car service company. Its rival Uber also plans to provide passenger services in Pittsburgh for automatic driving. At present, the beginning of the operation of passenger car driving in Singapore, only 6 cars, nuTonomy plans to increase to 12 units by the end of this year. NuTonomy said the company’s ultimate goal is that by 2018, it will set up an unmanned taxi fleet in Singapore, which will help to significantly reduce the number of cars on the road congestion in the country. This model will eventually be extended to other cities in the world. NuTonomy chief operating officer (COO) Doug Parker said driverless taxi or will eventually reduce the number of cars in Singapore, from 900 thousand to 300 thousand. At present, the driverless taxi is only 2.5 square miles of commercial and residential areas (called "one north"), which is a major technology companies and Biotech Corp based park. Moreover, passengers on the bus and get off will be limited to a specific location. In addition, passengers must receive an invitation to enjoy the service nuTonomy. NuTonomy says dozens of passengers have signed up for its first passenger service, and the company plans to expand to thousands of people in the coming months. Major technology companies have long been eyeing driverless cars this cake, the competition is fierce. After months of testing, Uber will run in Pittsburgh at the end of August, the taxi will be automatic driving mode free passengers, but for security reasons, the driverless car will be equipped with the driver. At the same time, Uber announced a partnership with Volvo, will invest $300 million, plans to launch in 2021 auto driving. In addition, Uber also said it is acquiring driverless truck start-up company located in San Francisco, Otto. GF machinery team said that in the face of the wave of unmanned industry, car sharing service providers are trying to enter the field. Represented by Uber from the application side cut unmanned industry advantage by virtue of data, the company is expected to cost and service mode of the rapid rise, become the third participants in addition to vehicle manufacturers, Internet Co, all of which will promote the development of unmanned industry, and is conducive to the release of the core components of industry demand. The laser radar is an important sensor to realize the unmanned aerial vehicles, it is recommended to focus on the field of laser radar has a good technical basis for superstar technology companies. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (f).相关的主题文章: