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The woman take the network about cars in the robbers and drinking and chatting wits – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Taizhou on September 30th news China according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that recently, Zhejiang Taizhou police rescued a hijacked car ride net about female citizens, this is also the first network of Zhejiang police investigation about breaking car hijacking case. Through the back of the case, the car ride around the net of the public, especially single women, to provide some security tips. Hijacked Ms. Huang, is a Nanjing bank account manager, September 26th night overtime to 9 pm, in front of the unit, she used the software easy to call the car. Although the license plate number and the number shown in the software is not the same, but the driver explained that the registration of the car in the repair, today is the boss of the car, Ms. Huang did not think much, sitting in the copilot position. There are five or six kilometers away from home, the driver suddenly pulled over, pulled out a knife, Ms. Huang in against the void, forced to drink the water dissolved with sleeping pills, woke up and found himself has been the driver brought to Zhejiang in Taizhou. Calm down, she did not resist, but calmly deal with the driver, the drink, to win the trust after the other, to send mobile phone location for help, for rescue. After the police analysis, Ms Wong has just begun to revolt, is very dangerous, and the latter is a good deal of tact calm. At the same time to remind single women, after the car, try to do in the back seat, if you encounter a bad driver, can be easily detected in the back of the response. It is best to immediately contact with relatives and friends, will be the number of their vehicles to inform each other. Of course, the passenger strain is on the one hand, access to the network about the car driver verification, but also need a more stringent threshold to protect security.相关的主题文章: