The voice of the woman’s private life was too great to fight against each other is a single dog-t6670

The women’s private life was too loud public counterattack each other is a single dog late on October 8th, Shapingba Jinsha era a special sign appeared lift of 8 buildings, 18 floors of the building to remind a female households pay attention to private life when his voice, disturb the normal rest. Yesterday morning, another notice posted in the elevator, the author of the satirical notice. Two notice has been Wuguan cleanup, "if there is related to the disturbing situation, Wuguan will coordinate and solve problems, and such notices acts not only can not resolve the matter, but let the embarrassment, and cause adverse effects." Wonderful: a notice to remind the volume of the evening of October 8th, Mr. Fang, who lives in 8 buildings found a special notice in the elevator. The notice said, by a neighbor of the 18 story building, "last night was awakened by the cries of your happiness, you and your husband’s feelings very well, we all know, to remind the tenants pay attention to control the private life of the voice, which has impact on the surrounding residents. Lee, who lives in the 16 floor, that he did not hear the so-called voice, and feel that this kind of thing if posted to the district elevator, some too. Anyway, this is privacy, and should not reach the extent of nuisance." Mr Li said that if it is because of this to write a notice of irony, and point out the specific address, it is very disrespectful. Tear open: another sign of irony "single dog" thought this thing is a smile, did not think of yesterday morning 8, Mr. Fang found work there was another sign in the elevator. "This building 18 layer has a single dog, please people quickly brought home, compared to the previous notice, this is full of irony, even at the end attached to the" registration "If You Are The One telephone and dating website. "The elevator is not the place where they open, should not do so." After laughing, many residents of the matter some resentment. Household Ms. Ge believes that, regardless of who is right or wrong about this matter, and now the area of the elevator as a tear open platform, it is not civilized. Chongqing Hua Yue lawyer Tian Huayue, encountered such a situation, should choose to inform Wuguan, disturbing serious, can be directly handled by the public security department alarm. Newspaper reporter Jing Ran相关的主题文章: