The United States suspects robbed students he is Chinese people must have money – Sohu news sugus

The United States suspects robbed students: he is the Chinese people certainly have money – Sohu news female defendant Alejandra Guerrero admitted that the discipline is pleased, because he is Chinese, Chinese people must have money". (the "world news" file photo) according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the University of Southern California Chinese student discipline is pleased to murder 4 days into the second day of the trial jury, prosecutors announced the first female defendant Alejandra Guerrero was arrested in police interrogation one hour of video, Guerrero admitted beat Ji pleased selected, also said Ji pleased robbery in the road, because he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich". Losangeles police officer Paul Shearholdt said the trial he told Guerrero the right of silence and the right to counsel, but she agreed to give up the right answer to the cops. She refuses to talk about Ji pleased events, straight beach robbery, but the police said, "the thing I’m not interested, I just want to know to go to the beach before you do what". She said that the oldest Jonathan Del Carmen 12 in the middle of the night to pick her up, but I do not know where to go". She listened to Andrew Garcia et al. Proposed to go to "rob money" (flocking someone) "suck something", 5 to 10 dollars. Later, she admitted on the road met Ji Yi, Ji readily shot hit her friend, she has a gray wrench, fight back to the court. The police said, near USC Street surveillance video is everywhere, "we have seen the video, know that night of the incident, you do not". She said, they see Ji Xin and think in the street, "he is Chinese, Chinese certainly rich" (He is an Chinese guy, Chinese guy must have money). So, she and Garcia to Ji pleased, and asked him "what" is in your pocket, but "Ji pleased as if to say Chinese, we did not understand what he said," Garcia clenched his fist in his face and beat the past, played at least three. She admitted that she had begun, but she explained, was because the discipline is pleased to grab her arm, she just defense, "I asked Garcia to help me". Finally, the discipline is pleased to run, they did not grab what. The police asked her whether she had done such a thing before, she said three times, the last time in a week before the party". The end of the police for questioning after Guerrero’s approval, in her mouth collected DNA samples. The court also showed two surveillance videos taken near the 29 street. Video shows that the four defendants and a girl who was only 14 years old was not indicted, five people together to ride a dark 1993 Honda Accord car, midnight to reach the vicinity of the incident. They drove a few minutes in the transit area, roadside parking, get off for Ji Xin)相关的主题文章: