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The United States is how to bring the boy? Original title: the United States is how to bring the boy? Author: Niu playing   source: public number cattle play "in the United States recently out of a blood, 10 years of aid to Israel $38 billion, down conversion reached 250 billion yuan. Americans do have the money, this is the history of the United States, it should be in the history of the world, the largest single aid. Don’t think the United States is reluctant. In fact, Obama is very happily to sign, but there have been delays in the Israeli government, on the one hand, is to get more aid, 38 billion is not much, can 45 billion? On the other hand, there is still an opinion on Obama, such an important contract, even if you Obama, or wait for the new president of the u.s.. But in the end, still a little afraid of Netanyahu or Obama and Undue delay may bring trouble., the government government signed. The United States and Israel are considered to be "the most complex friendship" for decades, the United States is Israel’s most generous brother, Israel is America’s most hardcore brother, younger brother of the United States is how to take? Niu Danqin (WeChat: bullpiano) in the United States, Israel has worked for a period of time, a talk about his opinions, no logic, thought which speaks of which: 1, some people say that American big brother so I support Israel, because the United States is in control of the jews. There is a saying that the world is controlled by the United States, the control of the United States is jewish. I remember a time when I had a chat with senior Israeli officials, and I said, look, the Fed is Jewish, and from Volcker to Greenspan to Bernanke, the Fed’s leaders are jewish. He was also surprised to say that I had never thought of it, but I thought it was true. The number of Jews in the United States, about 6 million, than the Chinese Duoyibaiduowan, but in American academia, business, media and political circles, Jewish influence should not be underestimated. For example, Kissinger is a Jew, although for the sake of Kissinger, a lot of Jews have no favor, think he is too utilitarian, did not really help jews. So the first point, I have influence on big brother, little brother, not as itself has no value is not enough. In particular, the Jewish lobbying effort, other countries have to learn. Of course, the United States has always been the United States to follow, more just a comic theme and representation. 2, many people say that Israel is America planted a knife in the Middle East, the Middle East is the control of a key ring. There is some truth, but why Israel is not the other countries, such as Saudi Arabia is also an ally of the United States? You know, at the beginning of the establishment of Israel, and the Soviet Union, the United States is almost equidistant diplomacy, and the Israeli high, basically from the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries. But in the end, Israel became America’s younger brother, because throughout the Middle East, only Israel is the same as the national and American values, social system and ideology are close. The Soviet Union is certainly not so love Israel, America must have rejected the Saudi heart. This culture is based on the door when Hao相关的主题文章: