The United States approved the sale of fighter jets to Kuwait F-15 $300 million-tsumori chisato

The United States approved the sale of fighter jets to Kuwait: F-15 [$300 million] the United States observer network integrated "defense news" magazine website reported that the United States Defense Security Cooperation Agency website announced on November 17th, the agency has approved the sale to Kuwait of 40 Boeing F A-18E F Super Hornet and sell 72 Boeing F-15 advanced "Eagle fighter to qatar. The two contracts were valued at $10 billion 100 million and $21 billion 100 million respectively. It is reported that these two procurement requests have been delayed because of concerns about the care of israel. The United States approved exports to Qatar is F-15QA fighter, configuration and map sold to Saudi F-15SA according to reports, the approval of exports to Kuwait include 32 single seater fighter F A-18E fighter aircraft and 8 Two Seater F A-18F fighter. In addition, also includes 12 Lockheed · Martin AN AAQ-33 "sniper" attack, Navigation Pod 48 joint helmet mounted sight system (JHMCS), and other equipment. These devices are included in the Boeing Super Hornet international user upgrade package, it is also reported that there are 8 protected fuel tank kit, can be used to modify the 4 fighter. After these F A-18E F fighter to join the Kuwait air force, will gradually replace the country’s air force active 39 F A-18C D hornet fighter, and the upcoming delivery of the 28 Typhoon fighter together. While the procurement is 72 F-15QA (Qatar, advanced) Eagle fighter (average fighter at a cost of about $300 million), in addition to the weapons and other logistics equipment, the contract also includes training funds in the United states. Advanced eagle is currently the most advanced fighter aircraft manufactured by Boeing, the aircraft has also been Saudi orders, which is F-15SA. The type of aircraft compared with the previous generation models, an increase of two arms hanging points were also installed; larger size LCD; improved electric control system; the radar also updated for the new APG-63 Lei Xiang company (V) type 3 active phased array radar. The Boeing sold to Kuwait’s F A-18E F fighter contract including the type 4 tank aircraft, Boeing had to market may be advanced "Super Hornet" scheme, the machine will be placed in the belly of the weapon cocoon package, can improve the stealth capability and flight performance of Qatar air force had ordered in 2015 the 24 French Rafale fighter, the Boeing F-15QA arrives, Qatar Air Force fleet of 12 French Dassault mirage 2000-5 fighters will be retired. Notice of the State Council, the agency has approved all of the above fighter export requirements, but the two countries whether or not to continue in accordance with the purchase of this figure is not guaranteed. Qatar has previously said it would buy 72 French gust fighter, no longer buy F-15QA.相关的主题文章: