The Typhoon AERE brings precipitation Shanghai Autumn Festival at the sudden drop in temperature-gigolos

The Typhoon AERE brings precipitation Shanghai Autumn Festival approaching temperatures Washington (trainee reporter Qi Yingpu) reporter learned from the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, the national day end of Shanghai will enter the rainy mode, 6 evening showers to visit Shanghai, 7 to 8, the largest significant precipitation will occur after the holidays, the first working day of the citizens will spend in the mountain the rain. On the 8 day, the largest temperature decreased slightly, the maximum temperature will drop to 22 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius, is expected to fall. 6 days 10 when the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon warning blue, nineteenth typhoon "Aere" in the Bashi Channel near birth. By the "avery" influence, the next few days in Taiwan, Fujian and other places will have a trough of precipitation, local area will appear heavy rain to rainstorm area, Jiangsu Zhejiang and Shanghai will usher in more rain. More rainfall in cool weather, will affect the return traffic. According to the Chinese Meteorological Bureau news, this holiday in the south of China "autumn" slightly pale. The National Day holiday since the south temperature in the high level. Expected 6 to 7, the highest temperature in the south is generally about 25 degrees celsius. As of October 5th, China’s borders have fall into southern Hunan and Northern Anhui, northern Tibetan Plateau and Northeast China is entering the winter, the Yangtze River Delta and Southern China area will be affected by cold air, "an invigorating autumn climate is coming".

台风艾利带来降水 上海入秋在即节后气温骤降   本报讯(见习记者 戚颖璞)记者从上海市气象局获悉,国庆尾声申城将进入阴雨模式,6日晚间阵雨造访申城,7日至8日申城将出现明显降水,假期后的首个工作日市民们将在连绵阴雨中度过。8日起,申城气温小幅下降,最高气温将回落到22℃至24℃左右,有望入秋。   中央气象台6日10时发布台风蓝色预警,第19号台风“艾利”于巴士海峡附近诞生。受“艾利”影响,未来几天内台湾地区、福建等地将有倒槽降水,局部地区将出现大雨至暴雨,苏浙沪地区将迎来更多雨水。多地降雨降温天气,将会给返程交通带来影响。   据中国气象局消息,这个假期我国南部地区的“秋意”略淡。国庆假期以来,南方大部气温处于偏高的水平。预计6日至7日,南方最高气温普遍在25℃左右。截至10月5日,我国秋天的边界已经到了湖南南部以及安徽北部等地,青藏高原以及东北地区北部更是进入了冬天,长三角和华南地区即将要受到冷空气的影响,“秋高气爽”就要来临。相关的主题文章: