The twins story said the kidnapped only to scare parents shuttle

The twins story said the kidnapped only to scare parents transfer under the original title: want to let parents meeting twins together "almost tied" story of the day before yesterday at 8 pm, Cixi: a primary school in the fifth grade a class parents, suddenly received a message: "the school has two school children that was almost the van away, but fortunately the children shouted for help, by passing the teacher saved! Recently, please parents must send their children in person, to ensure the safety of children!" Almost the moment the news spread rapidly, the school teacher and the local police phone was ringing off the hook. Parents are always on tenterhooks for one night, and finally in the early morning of the second day received second messages sent to school: "the public security departments for investigation, 2 children were taken away a thing does not exist. The truth is that the child wants to arouse the attention of parents, to be able to pick up and go to school, the rise of a story." This is what is going on? On the road encountered bad twins almost kidnapped according to relevant information revealed by the school after school, Qianjiang Evening News reporter to an East police station confirmed. The results of a mention of the incident, the police station had a stomach to say: the report is true, the rumor is true. This is a long story. The day before 7 pm or so, the parents took the two children to the police station, said the child on the way home was almost taken away. This is a pair of twins sister, studying in the same class. The parents of two children also look the ornamental and the combined plain properties, good things, the process is all they said, say at 4:40 in the afternoon, all the students at the school gate waiting for parents to pick up their two siblings after school, walk to the mother unit from the school about 10 minutes of the road. Two people cut down a trail, see a silver van parked on the roadside. The car suddenly came down a few men, they smiled: "children, go home, ah, you go!" Brother sister, two people quickly hide, men come up to pull them, brother ran, sister moves slowly, was caught, shouting help. Fortunately, not far from the front of an adult, looking back at a glance, so a man a loose hand, sister took the opportunity to break free, followed by his brother went to the mother’s unit. At that time, it was about 4:50 p.m.. When the police asked the children, there is no way to see the van, said the child, is a silver van, they ran the car drove away, very quickly, turning when pressure to the roadside sand. The whole story is complete, rich in detail, the parents heard thrilling, his face has changed. The security alert issued to parents the news maxed Cixi circle of friends after receiving the report, the Hangzhou Bay branch leadership attaches great importance to the instruction of the Andong police immediately launched an investigation, quickly find out the facts. So, to the children after the completion of the record, the police two pronged approach, a group of monitoring near the road monitoring, a group of field visits. It turned out that the problem was not right. The children said, the van to escape, turn pressure into the road of the sand. Field pavement相关的主题文章: