The third overseas Chinese art exhibition held in Beijing puritans pride

The third world Chinese art exhibition held overseas Chinese – China News Agency, Beijing, September (Zhou Xinai) 26, the third world Chinese art exhibition in overseas Chinese overseas Chinese History Museum opened. Chinese Federation Chairman Lin Jun, vice chairman of China Federation Li Yi, vice president, China Federation China Artists Association chairman Liu Dawei attended the event. The art of calligraphy exhibition since May 2016 for the global call for papers, received a total of more than 1000 overseas Chinese artists from 45 countries and regions, sending more than 4000 pieces of works. After the expert jury selection, a total of 164 selected works, of which 105 pieces of art, calligraphy works of the 59. In addition, the organizing committee invited overseas art, calligraphy and celebrities 106 paintings and calligraphy works exhibition. Vice chairman of China Federation of Joe Wei introduction, the exhibition of works of art, painting, printmaking, painting covers painting, gouache, watercolor and many other categories; calligraphy works include line, grass, Li, Kai, etc. all kinds of calligraphy seal. He said, "not only exhibits continental style reproduction art, also living life portrayal of the heart; both of his style but also the overseas The imprint is engraved on my heart., style," through this event, we can see that Chinese "painting and calligraphy art in different countries, the spread of inheritance and innovation." Vice chairman of the Federation of Chinese China Artists Association chairman Liu Dawei pointed out that China culture to the world, cannot do without the active participation and effective dissemination of overseas Chinese around the world. The majority of overseas Chinese not only has the feelings and life and growth in nature, have strong sense to hold Chinese culture foundation, in the promotion of Chinese aesthetic spirit, promote cultural exchanges, enhance friendship and other aspects of the unique role, have a brilliant future. Xu Zonghui, vice chairman of the Chinese calligraphers in Spain, the European Chinese Calligraphers association. He said that in recent years, more and more people learning Chinese, Chinese calligraphy in the ascendant overseas, praised the exhibition provides an excellent platform for the exchange of foreign painting and calligraphy. The exhibition is held in the Museum of Chinese history, the audience can visit free. Activities from now until the end of October 5th. (end)相关的主题文章: