The taxi stop behind the lead car to Beijing – Brother Bear

The taxi stop behind the lead car to Beijing – brother bear some taxi drivers to Dora run, take care of the passengers "convenient", often free parking, the behavior of the passengers, especially in road traffic is large, not only will cause traffic jams, sometimes bring security risks to the passing vehicles and pedestrians. Yesterday, Cixi court said the motor vehicle accident liability dispute case, the taxi driver did not have a direct collision with another vehicle, but due to the emergency stop showmanship negative secondary responsibility for the accident, to pay a heavy price. The judge told reporters that the incident occurred in April 27, 2014 at 7:20 in the morning, Miss Zhang drove along Zonghan Street High King route traveling west to East High King Road 50 near the front, Taomou taxi driver took off for temporary parking, ordinary two wheel motorcycle rear end in front of Miss Zhang Zhang driving, causing the motorcycle collision in front. A driving small ordinary passenger cars, causing damage to the vehicle and Zhang were injured. After that, Miss Zhang driving a motor vehicle in the same lane, did not keep a safe distance, necessary and in accordance with the provisions of the vehicle in front of negligence, in case of emergency measures taken are improper, bear the main responsibility for the accident; Taomou temporary parking on the road, impede other vehicles and pedestrians, the injured bear secondary responsibility; Zhang, small bus driver Yuanmou without fault. After the accident, Zhang was rushed to the people’s Hospital for emergency treatment, and then transferred to other hospital for treatment, a total of 145 yuan to spend medical expenses. After identification, Zhang because occurred dens fracture, lumbar pelvis fractures caused by traffic accidents, sacral plexus injury, such as acute renal failure after treatment, left lower limbs, right renal pelvis poisoning disorders, malunion, were assessed as grade 6 and grade 9 traffic, 10 disabled, lost most of the ability to work, and there is subsequent treatment costs. In May this year, Zhang due to motor vehicle accident liability dispute case, for Miss Zhang, Taomou and their insurance companies bear the corresponding liability, Yuanmou insurance company in no liability compulsory insurance within the scope of compensation. After the two public hearing, the original defendant reach a mediation agreement on the amount of compensation, in addition to the insurance company for compensation in the scope of their respective limits, Miss Zhang Zhang to pay for medical expenses, disability compensation, nursing expenses, lost fees of more than 70 yuan, Taomou paid more than 20 yuan. In the case during the trial, the taxi driver Taomou also very wronged: "at that time the roadside guests stopped waving, took off, did not see the rear of the vehicle collision, know in the accident fourth days after police notice." Tao admitted that he did not neglect the temporary parking, to accept their own liability within the scope of liability. Newspaper correspondent Wei Xi newspaper reporter Zou Hongshan Xu Botao相关的主题文章: