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"" the strongest week staged both intelligent and courageous title against desert – Sohu petite girl Wu Mengying Yi entertainment entertainment Sohu after four weeks of intense competition, the "" both intelligent and courageous ushered in the four Zhou Guanjun, Yi girl Wu Mengying against intellectual and physical small figure contains a large energy both fitness coach Gong Xiaolong, Li Weili and Master comeback to lose weight dance teacher Wu Rao?. The four champion will once again challenge the desert track, eventually decide the championship. Splendid in November 3rd 21:25 "both intelligent and courageous". Everyone is still familiar with the desert track, is still a familiar old friend, double test the wisdom and courage, the game is still cruel and tight, as is to present a fair championship. Run the night lost in the desert, and won the tournament week champion Li Weihuai made a comeback with a common heart of war dance teacher Wu, Wu Rao Rao?? Lv Qiang lost to outplay beat two players in the night after the desert war again in her many beauty in their own strength played most incisive. Wu Rao? Said: "the championship really challenge their own limits, run more and more passionate." Petite girl of the Yi people Wu Mengying and the superior strength of the fitness coach Gong Xiaolong is a great player and a group of tall contrast. Wu Mengying in the face of such a strong but sigh: "he is really worthy of the fitness coach, good physical strength, good endurance, run fast." The two of them are quite capable of winning each other with a narrow margin. It is amazing that the female players in the period of their physical strength for their many points, very interesting. However, the four leader who can finally win, Tangram showdown will more exciting, more please watch tonight "both intelligent and courageous".相关的主题文章: