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"The sparrow" circle of powder passers-by countless   Zhang Ruoyun bearish controversy: father never gave me what resources – Hubei channel — original title: Zhang Ruoyun bearish controversy: father never gave me what resources and Dongyu Zhou group CP was the pit miserable? In the Spy Drama "sparrow", careful thought Tang Shanhai was often "wife" Dongyu Zhou drag, not only to pay for this rookie agent impulse, but also look at Dongyu Zhou and Li Yifeng ogle, let a person feel bad. Because Dongyu Zhou in the play online IQ is not the reaction of Tangshan sea with Xu Bicheng group CP, become a major concern in. Some netizens feel that Dongyu Zhou is the presence of pit teammates, which Zhang Ruoyun said: Tangshan sea with the of the CP is a contrast between the characters. A rational, an impulse, one is the elite, a rookie, screenwriter in the character set to give the couple a lot of false things." And recently hit the plot, the Tangshan sea to the key is to play handsome, many fans sister shouted to collapse, even said "I have the key". For the role of Tangshan sea, Zhang Ruoyun admits, he is a hero. Sometimes the actor can not say the word, that is written by the writer." For netizens to a key is dedicated, as to unlock "slot, Zhang Ruoyun seems to have been browsing overheating search, he quipped:" because the spy film, we are open to God’s perspective, so…… What can I say? Tangshan sea can read the Lan Xiang school." In the summer hot works of the "sky", Zhang Ruoyun interpretation of the enchanting Yuhuang is controversial, but this time the "sparrow", he made numerous passers-by circle powder, the overnight explosion of red how to feel? Zhang Ruoyun said: "if every piece of work can make people have different evaluation, can make people remember this role, is a good thing. Although there are some controversial "sky city", but the "sky city" the praise of the middle period is not less than "sparrow", but we love between them, the former is a fantasy film a hit young market, the latter is a bias in the drama spy film, is certainly not in the same a system to discuss." The two generation and the rich generation of the two? "In 2014 I can hardly pay the house rent" because his father is Zhang Jian, Zhang Ruoyun’s fame from the start with a lot of controversy. In 2014, he starred in "father’s works" Snow Leopard strong years mired in controversy, many people think he is with his father as the resources in the play. In participating in a reality show, has been questioned private helicopter, his father had invested in real estate, labeled "two rich generation", "two generation" label. Since then, Zhang Ruoyun seems to deliberately play to avoid his father Zhang Jian. For the fight father controversy, Zhang Ruoyun some frustration: we have always thought that I was rich, and now there are a lot of friends that I have much more money than I actually. In fact, there is a misunderstanding between people on the Internet, you can not accept it, as a ridiculous thing, but what better way to do it?" In fact, 2014 is the low tide of Zhang’s career相关的主题文章: