The Sixth China Canada economic and trade cooperation forum held in Montreal winlinez

The sixth session of the economic and trade cooperation forum held in Montreal – Beijing, China News Agency, Montreal, September 23 (reporter Xu Changan Guo Jinchao) by the International Trade Commission and China Council jointly organized the sixth session of Chinese Canada to promote economic and trade cooperation forum, held in Montreal in September 23rd when the time. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, who visited Montreal in the same day, and the Canadian Prime Minister, accompanied by Mr. Li Keqiang’s visit to Montreal, spoke at the forum luncheon, respectively. At the opening ceremony of the forum, China Council Chairman Jiang Zengwei said in his speech, the economic and trade cooperation is an important driving force in the development of bilateral relations. China’s economic development is adding new vitality and new impetus to Sino Canadian economic and trade cooperation. The complementarity of the two economies and the mutual benefits of bilateral cooperation have great potential. In order to deepen cooperation in the proposal, Jiang Zengwei processors, including: processing business to implement the Canadian investment protection agreement, on speeding up the signing of free trade agreements with the possibility to eliminate barriers to trade and investment, accelerate the development of cross-border electricity providers and other new formats, to relax the restrictions on the export of high-tech products. The implementation of "seize the China Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, "2025 Chinese manufacturing", "Internet plus" action plan and implementation of Canada’s Asia Pacific Gateway and corridor plan "the opportunity to dig the potential for cooperation in various fields, to intensify the implementation of a number of key projects to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises entrepreneurial innovation cooperation. Build economic and trade promotion platform to expand exchanges and cooperation opportunities. Use their comparative advantages to develop the third party market. The chairman of the board of trade with Peter? Klettgau at the opening ceremony said that Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s visit, continue to deepen bilateral relations and relations between the two countries, the warming up industry can make more achievements to promote bilateral economic and trade. Montreal city mayor Denis? – pointed out in his speech, and in bilateral relations is essential for the development of economy and trade, he strongly supported the FTA feasibility study to start with and support the governments of the two countries and the common problems facing the challenges, to open a new chapter of friendly cooperation. Montreal bank vice president Brian Tobin in Canada? Seminar said that although there are a lot of challenges, but he reached a free trade agreement is very confident in Canada and Chinese, and look forward to this Agreement as soon as possible. According to CCPIT, the day a total of more than and 500 companies from China and Canada more than 700 delegates attended the forum. In the afternoon, China CCPIT in Montreal and Canada held a forum for Chinese enterprises. (end)相关的主题文章: