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The risk of re added nine biochemical change Mengsui example Chang hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my / reporter Zhao Yihui, editor of the sun put you especially like the so-called Undue delay may bring trouble., this restructuring subtle things dragged on for a long time is not a good. On the fate of the more rugged Chang nine biochemical terms, it is even more so – the company selling shell once again declared failure. Chang nine biochemical announcement today, announced Chinese approved agricultural stocks nine Dongchang group equity transferee agreement to terminate the implementation, at the same time, the company also is necessary for the board meeting to discuss the termination of a major asset sale suspension issues. In fact, announced that the company will be easy to master the information in early July, the equity transfer matters within three months did not see progress, prospects, the termination of the restructuring this time, let all kinds of risks when the announcement prompted the company to become a reality. For Chang nine biochemical, the hope is always flash over, and then disappear. In July 13th this year, is still in the suspension of Chang nine biochemical announced that the indirect controlling shareholder of the company Ganzhou industry investment and Chinese Agricultural Group signed the equity transfer agreement, Ganzhou industry investment will be held by the Chang nine group 85.4% of the shares transferred to Chinese agricultural group or its designated affiliates, the matter will cause the company’s actual controller to change city. Because of this "sell shell" to usher in the company in the previous backdoor storm after more than two years, and in those with the prefix aura, shares resume trading after the company rose. However, following a series of progress and the market does not match the company’s restructuring is expected: the equity transfer framework agreement signed after the disposal of assets not yet in place, the margin has been determined, the specific subject associated with unfavorable progress. For example, in July 11th the two sides signed a framework agreement, according to the agreement, within ten days from the date of the signing of the agreement, the Chinese farmers need to pay a deposit of 100 million yuan margin, but the amount has not been in place. Again, to the end of August, the company disclosed in that Ganzhou industry investment has hired intermediaries, intends to Chang nine group equity transferee due diligence, but because Chinese farmers has not yet determined the final the main intermediary can not carry out related due diligence. Over the same period, China Agricultural Group, said the two sides of the transaction on the core of the transaction, including (but not limited to) assessment methods, assessment of asset boundaries, asset disposal and subsequent issues such as the restructuring is still under negotiation. The company today announced the termination of the disclosure of the reasons also and similar — both sides failed to Chang nine group assessment methods, assessment of the asset boundary and other matters consensus, and Chinese agricultural group according to the agreement failed to determine the underlying equity transferee and ultimately subject to Ganzhou industry investment payment trading margin, the core issues on both sides to chang the nine group equity transfer eventually reach a consensus, decided to terminate the equity transfer. In fact, in order to reveal the risk of regulatory requirements should be carried out in July 30th, Chinese approved agricultural supplementary disclosure, listed the pre conditions for its formal transferee Chang nine group equity, including the disposal of idle assets, Chang nine biochemical in the formal signing of the equity transfer contract before the listed company is kept on相关的主题文章: