The reporter visited the Jiangcheng study market and the parents were

The reporter visited the students of Jiangcheng studying abroad to study in a TV play "little farewell", and put a small public topic in the public view. For children’s education environment, some parents choose to go out to study, more is to choose the host family guardian. Some experts say that behind the "small separation" reflects the anxiety of Chinese families on education. Would rather leave case to send abroad ya every Saturday, Mr. Zhang and his wife will keep at home, waiting for the other side of the ocean the son of Zhang Xin (a pseudonym) video phone. Over the past two years, the phone has become an important link between husband and wife and son. Two years ago, Zhang Xin, who had read for half a semester at a key high school in Wuhan, flew to the United States alone. By studying abroad, he went into a private high school in the United States and became a member of many young Chinese students of low age. Mr. Zhang introduced that the results of children were moderately high, but it was difficult to enter the top universities in China. In order to allow the child to enter a higher level college, he chose to send him to the United States in advance. After two years of study, Zhang Xin was so angry that the goal was to enter the famous American University of MIT. "The child gets up at half past six every morning and is sent to school at half past seven and gets back in the afternoon and goes to bed at about ten in the evening." Mr. Zhang said that in addition to completing his homework every day, there are some lessons for the children. The weekend also takes part in a variety of competitions. So usually only through a network message, only to the weekend, two couples can see at night and think of the son through video phone. There is a successful example of Zhang Xin, and there are no lack of cases of failure. Mr. Qu, a foreign company executive in Wuhan, still regrets his choice. Mr Qu’s son was 16 years old this year, and he chose to go abroad in the middle of the exam last year. The United States thought learning pressure is not large, can well adapt to the child, did not expect the child to the United States often skip class, learning is not serious, after two months, all the subjects do not pass the test, directly discouraging return. This spring, after consultation with my son, he chose to go abroad again, who knew that the school was repatriated again because of smoking in the school. The helpless Mr. Qu can only choose a private high school in Wuhan for his son. A case about six years experience with ya foreign education most qualified families want their children to receive education abroad. Through interviews, the reporters found that these parents were basically more aware of the foreign educational model. Zhang Muzhi, only 9 years old this year, has experienced the education of three places in the UK, the mainland of China, and Hongkong, China, with his parents. Since she was 3 and a half years old, her parents moved her family to London, so that she began to integrate into western education from kindergarten. Zhang Muzhi’s mother Liu Yun Fang was delighted to find that the more outgoing and become small. "Taking children abroad is also the expectation of changing her character." Mother Zhang said. But for more than a year, because of the physical reason of the small animal husbandry, the family of three chose to return to Wuhan and read the kindergarten. By contrast, Liu Fangyun thought Zhang Muzhi was more suitable for western education and sent her to Hongkong’s primary school. Liu Fangyun said, like Britain, the school in Hongkong also emphasizes teamwork spirit and does not encourage solo. "The education I received from childhood is too focused on knowledge and examination, neglecting the application ability, and her learning style is different from me". An industry expert says the idea of mama of small pasture represents a large number of families who choose foreign education. "Exam oriented education has been criticized for a long time. Compared with the pressure of exam oriented education, simple and crude evaluation criteria and narrow mechanical concept of success, foreign education focuses on students’ initiative, creativity and concrete application ability. The expert said this is the anxiety of the present part of the family for children’s education. The other reason is that many Chinese children have become a "safe haven" when they are locked out of the entrance to the entrance examination and college entrance examination scores. The survey shows that the number of young overseas students has increased 100 times in the past 11 years. From 2004 to 2015, the number of Chinese students holding the F-1 international student visa increased from 433 to 43 thousand in the US, and increased by a hundred times in the past 11 years. According to the statistics of the Department of homeland security, the number of foreign students in high school in the United States was 92 thousand in 2015, with the largest proportion of Chinese students, reaching 35%. In China, learning to study at a low age is becoming a trend and has been recognized by more and more parents. "Every year the number of students studying abroad through our institutions has doubled over the past year." The head of an educational institution in Wuhan, studying abroad, told reporters that in recent years, Chinese students went to the United States to study undergraduate or postgraduate, but their growth rates both slowed down. The number of high school students has grown strongly in recent years. Through Wuhan intermediaries and international schools, journalists have learned that, in the past ten years, Wuhan high school students have also shown a rapid growth trend. One industry person estimates that the growth rate in Wuhan and the country is basically consistent, and the number is about 100 times the number 11 years ago. In addition to more families who have chosen to study abroad, there are more families in the wait-and-see hesitation. The reason why many parents hesitate is that the children’s self-care ability needs to be improved. On the other hand, the high cost is a big mountain before going abroad to study. A parent told reporters that children in junior high school in the UK cost $50 thousand a year. It is understood that to study in the United States, the cost of one year to the school can even reach 60 thousand dollars. This figure, for most middle-class families in Wuhan, means a lot of money, for families and even for families. The Chinese style anxiety behind the "small separation" is not that every child is suitable for foreign study. Yesterday, Professor Ye Xianfa, Dean of Hubei Sunshine Education Research Institute, said that foreign education requires children to have the ability to control time and autonomous learning. If children are too young and mentally immature, it is recommended not to choose to go abroad. On the other hand also should act in the economy, can not exceed the capacity of the family to bear. Professor Ye Xianfa said that parents want children to have better educational resources. This is understandable, but not every child can adapt to the training mode of life and education abroad. Houston, an educational management group in the US, has 17 years of experience in industry. He also holds the same view. He points out that children with poor self-discipline and poor academic achievement do not recommend sending abroad. Diao Wei said, now many parents have a misunderstanding about studying abroad. They think they can send their children abroad directly if they have money, and their children can also get an American college diploma, which is actually not. "If the grades of children in the middle, there is a desire to learn, just do not adapt to the learning method, so the child can go abroad to try it; but if the child’s achievement is not good, in the country are reciprocal, self-discipline is poor, that sent abroad, will only be intensified, there are few leaps and bounds the." Diao Wei introduced, "in the United States, if you want to enter the top ten and the top twenty schools in the United States, children should not only attend various competitions, but also have various kinds of tutoring, and the pressure of learning and competition will also exist.

记者探访江城留学市场 留学低龄化家长很迷茫一部电视剧《小别离》,把一个小众话题放到了大众视野之下。为了孩子的教育环境,有的家长选择亲自出去陪读,更多的则是选择监护人寄宿家庭。有专家表示,“小别离”背后反映的是中国家庭对教育的焦虑。案例宁愿别离也要送伢出国读书每到周六,张先生和妻子都会守在家里,等待远在大洋彼岸的儿子张欣(化名)的视频电话。过去两年时间,这个电话,成为夫妻和儿子联络的重要纽带。两年前,在武汉一所重点高中读了半学期的张欣,独自一个人飞往美国。他通过留学机构,顺利进入美国一所私立高中,成为众多低龄中国留学生中的一员。张先生介绍,孩子成绩中等偏上,但考入国内顶级大学难度不小。为了让孩子能进入更高层次的大学就读,所以选择提前把他送到美国。经过两年的学习,张欣很争气,目标是进入美国著名大学麻省理工。“孩子每天早上六点半起床、七点半就被送到学校、下午五点半接回,晚上十点左右睡觉。”张先生说,孩子每天除了完成作业外,还有一些补课。周末还要参加各种竞赛的课程。所以平时只是通过网络留言,只有到了周末,夫妻两才能通过视频电话看到日思夜想的儿子。有张欣这样的成功典范,亦不乏失败的案例。武汉某外企高管屈先生到现在依旧十分后悔自己的选择。屈先生的儿子今年16岁,去年中考时成绩一塌糊涂,于是选择出国。原以为美国学习压力没有国内大,孩子能很好适应,没想到孩子到美国后经常逃课,学习也不认真,两个月后,所有科目测试都不及格,直接被劝退回国。今年春季,在经过和儿子商议后再次选择出国,谁知再次被学校遣返,原因是在学校偷着抽烟。无奈的屈先生只能给儿子选择了武汉的一所私立高中。案例奔波六年带伢体验中外教育大部分有条件的家庭,都希望把小孩送往国外接受教育。记者通过采访发现,这些家长们基本上都更加认同国外的教育模式。今年才9岁的小姑娘张牧之,已经在父母的陪伴下体验过英国、中国内地、中国香港三个地方的教育了。从她3岁半起,父母就举家迁往英国伦敦,让她从幼儿园开始融入西方的教育。张牧之的妈妈刘方韵欣喜地发现,小牧之变得更加活泼外向了。“带孩子出国也是抱着改变她性格的期望。”张妈妈说。但读了一年多,因为小牧之身体原因,三口之家又选择回到武汉,读完了幼儿园。经过对比,刘方韵认为,张牧之更适合西方教育,于是又把她送到香港的小学读书。刘方韵说,和英国一样,香港的这所学校也十分强调团队合作精神,不鼓励单打独斗,“我从小接受的教育过于注重知识和考试,忽视了应用能力,她的学习方式和我就不太一样了”。一位业内专家表示,小牧之妈妈的想法代表了一大部分选择国外教育的家庭。“一直以来应试教育备受诟病,而与应试教育压力巨大、评价标准简单粗暴、成功概念机械狭隘相比,国外教育注重学生主动性、创造性、具体应用能力。”这位专家表示,这正是当下部分家庭对于小孩教育的焦虑。另外一层原因,是不少中国孩子被中考、高考分数的统一标尺卡在门外之时,留学往往成为了一个“避风港”。调查低龄留学生11年增长百倍一组数据显示,从2004到2015年,持f-1国际学生签证在美读高中的中国学生从433人增至4.3万人,11年来增长百倍。另据美国国土安全部的统计,2015年美国高中的外籍生人数为9.2万名,中国学生占比最多,达到35%。在中国,留学低龄化正在成为一种趋势,得到越来越多家长的认同。“每年通过我们机构出国留学的中学生数量都比往年翻一番!”武汉一家做出国留学的教育机构负责人告诉记者,近年来中国学生赴美就读本科、研究生仍为大宗,但两者增速皆放缓。而就读高中的人数近年来增长强劲。记者通过武汉中介机构、国际学校等业内人士了解到,近十年来,武汉中学生出国也呈现出快速增长态势。一位业内人士估计,武汉和全国增速基本上保持一致,目前数量是11年前数量的百倍左右。而除了更多已经选择出国留学的家庭外,还有更多的家庭在观望犹豫中。不少家长们犹豫的原因,一方面是这一代小孩生活自理能力有待提高;另一方面,高额的费用,则是横在出国留学前的一座大山。一位家长告诉记者,在英国读初中的孩子,一年算下来要5万美金。而据了解,去美国留学,一年交给学校的费用甚至可以达到6万美金。这个数字,对于大部分武汉的中产阶级家庭而言,意味着是一笔不小的资金,对于有的家庭甚至是押上了全家的“赌注”。声音“小别离”背后的中国式焦虑“并不是每个孩子都适合送到国外就读。”昨日,湖北阳光教育研究院院长叶显发教授表示,国外教育要求孩子要有把控时间和自主学习的能力,在孩子太小、心智不够成熟的情况下,建议不要选择出国。另外一方面在经济上也应量力而行,不能超出家庭所能承担的能力。叶显发教授说,家长们都希望孩子占有更好的教育资源,这个可以理解,但是未必每个孩子都能适应国外的生活和教育培养模式。供职于美国休斯顿教育管理集团,有着17年行业经验的刁伟也持同样的观点,他指出,自律性差的、学习成绩不好的孩子,建议不要送出国。刁伟说,现在很多家长对出国留学有一种误区,以为只要有钱,就可以直接把孩子送出国,孩子也可以拿到一个美国大学文凭,实则不然。“如果孩子学习成绩在中上等,有学习的欲望,只是不适应国内的学习方法,那么这个孩子可以去国外试一试;但如果孩子的学习成绩不好,在国内都是倒数,自律性很差,那送去国外,只会愈演愈烈,很少有突飞猛进的。”刁伟介绍,“在美国,如果想考上美国前十、前二十的学校,孩子不仅要参加各种竞赛,还会有各种补习,学习压力和竞争压力同样存在。相关的主题文章: