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The property market early "winter" funds will return to the stock market? Central broadcasting network Beijing October 9th news (reporter Cui Yandong), according to voice of the economy, world finance reported that the relationship between the stock market and the property market is very delicate. "Eleven" during the golden week, over the property of the new deal will also set off waves to the tempestuous waves, the capital market in this pond. When the property market ahead of winter, A shares can rise again, as before the opening, the topic of most concern for investors. The introduction of the new property market will be the impact of the stock market? All over the property market has been introduced in the new deal has given the stock faction more confidence. During the National Day golden week, a private person in the WeChat circle of friends said, "the property market funds began to go A shares. In the recent issue of private equity products, there are a lot of buyers who are from the property market down investors." In addition, according to China’s Clearing Corp data show that in August over 100 million yuan holdings of super retail has begun quietly approaching, compared to July has increased by more than 174 people. Jiutai Fund recently released a report, clear expression of the "real estate regulation policy is expected to promote the stock market or become a new variable" point of view, that is expected with the regulation of the property market is expected to overweight, marginal to cool the property market and the stock market "seesaw effect" marginal changes, is conducive to the improvement of capital market." New Shanghai securities analyst He Yanhua optimistic about the stock market after the holiday will usher in a good start. He Yanhua: this time the real estate should be said that the history of the most stringent regulation, we think the whole drainage effect of two secondary market may be more obvious, after the market can still be a good start. The festival ushered in a series of favorable future trend of A shares? In addition to the property market credit limit restriction, after A shares also usher in a series of favorable. The external market, eleven holidays, takes stock of outstanding performance, Alibaba, Jingdong, Qihoo 360, Baidu, Youku rise. Hongkong Hang Seng index is the 4 consecutive trading day closed yang. The policy level, in September 30th, the Commission issued a formal "Shenzhen" rules, will also help the funds into the stock market A. Statistics show that nearly ten years after the national day, A shares rose 90% probability. The Research Institute of Wuhan University of Science and Technology Dong Dengxin financial securities, the property market in the short term will indeed bring support to A shares, but separated from the property market in the capital is not enough to make A stock market a big rebound. Dong Dengxin: after the purchase, there will be some funds into the stock market, but the trend of the stock market in the late, the market is expected to be particularly optimistic about. In the short term, the purchase of the property market in the stock market to stabilize should be said that there is a supporting role; but the current restriction or diversion of funds to the stock market is not enough to make the stock market a big rebound or a mid market, this is unlikely. Dong Dengxin believes that the stock market will continue to maintain a narrow range of recent volatility, driven by new economic data, A shares may have a new trend after the Spring Festival next year. Dong Dengxin: before the Spring Festival next year, I believe the stock market will maintain a narrow range of fluctuations. Also need to wait for this year’s economic situation is further improved, the market to form a positive support.相关的主题文章: