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The president of the Dunhuang Institute: "The Belt and Road bring new opportunities for the society in Beijing in August 26, to the culture of Dunhuang (reporter Zhao Yanhong) in September 20th, the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo will be kicked off in Dunhuang. Peking University National Development Research Institute of Oriental Strategy and leadership research center invited Dunhuang Research Institute president Wang Xudong in August 25th made the "seminar on watch Dunhuang – from the Silk Road spirit lingering in Peking University. Wang Xudong pointed out that "The Belt and Road brings new opportunities to Dunhuang culture, and the culture of Dunhuang" The Belt and Road provide cultural support. "The Belt and Road" to the Dunhuang culture has brought new opportunities in the lecture, Wang Xudong introduced the unique position of Dunhuang grotto art in China and the world history of art, and through the comparison with India, Greece and other works of art, expounds the important historical materials of Dunhuang as several major civilizations converge to the value of. The site also shows a large number of buildings, statues, murals of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes photos. December 2014, organized by the Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair was included in the National Silk Road Economic Zone and Maritime Silk Road in twenty-first Century, the strategic planning. As to "The Belt and Road cultural exchange as the theme of the forum and cultural exhibition platform, Expo will showcase the rich and colorful civilization and culture, promote international cultural exchanges and mutual learning and win-win cooperation. Wang Xudong pointed out that Mogao Grottoes is the crystallization of ancient international cultural exchanges. "The Belt and Road construction to the inheritance and development of Dunhuang culture, is a new opportunity. The Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair permanently settled in Dunhuang, different regions of the world culture will be gathered here, we need to strengthen the content of efforts to establish a relationship between Dunhuang ancient cultural value and contemporary society. On the other hand, Wang Xudong pointed out that behind the business must have cultural support. For the "The Belt and Road" construction, Dunhuang cultural support, and it is the bridge, will build a platform for dialogue. He explained that the Expo will set up five forum this year, four of which were on the Silk Road 16 word spirit as the theme, peaceful cooperation, openness and tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win, the fifth theme of the forum is "the contemporary value of Dunhuang culture". "To study Dunhuang" as the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes science and protection research of the fourth generation leader of the world, let Wang Xudong said that this generation of "Dunhuang" mission, in addition to the ruins of Dunhuang, is to study the Dunhuang world to". Wang Xudong stressed that protection is always the first. If you can form a social consensus, that is, as the national culture of Dunhuang’s life, no one does not pay attention to the ruins of Dunhuang do not care. At the same time, we must continue to tap the cultural value of the ruins of Dunhuang, strengthen heritage. "Two wheels, go hand in hand, to go steady, go far". The last century at the beginning of 80s, the phrase "Dunhuang in China, Dunhuang studies in Japan" has aroused a great disturbance, and even affect the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and Japanese scholars. Faced with this problem, Wang Xudong more than once cited the master of Chinese culture, Mr. Ji Xianlin’s sentence, Dunhuang in China, Dunhuang in the world". Wang Xudong pointed out that can not narrow the "Dunhuang study" into相关的主题文章: