The preliminary review – especially Tiewei help Switzerland 2-0 10 people of Bosnia and Herzegovina -sorpack

The preliminary review – especially Tiewei help Switzerland 2-0 10 people of Bosnia and Herzegovina flat Greece – this morning sports Sohu, 2018 Russia World Cup European zone qualifying fourth round of fighting games, especially Tiewei Leigh F Steiner angry, help the Swiss 2-0 win over the Faroe Islands, Hungary ushered in a 4-0 victory, Bosnia and Herzegovina away 1-1 draw with Greece, Dzeko red off. Switzerland 2-0 the Faroe Islands national team ushered in the fiftieth Swiss midfielder Zacca war. Twenty-seventh minutes after receiving his biography, Derdiyok broke, the Swiss 1-0 leading. Eighty-third minutes, the effectiveness of the Wolfsburg sent out in Rodrigues, Leigh F Steiner header break, the Swiss 2-0 lead, Hao took a winning streak of four. Bosnia and Herzegovina 1-1 Greece game for thirty-second minutes, get outside the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina free kick opportunity, P Janic shot hit the post, just to play the Greek goalkeeper into the goal, Bosnia and Herzegovina ahead 1-0. Eightieth minutes, Dzeko had second yellow cards to leave, and Papadopoulos red off. Ninety-fifth minutes, the Greek equaliser, Alexstrasza Vilas last minute to help the home team to get 1 points, scored 10 points after the Greek War, Bosnia and Herzegovina got 7 points. The Hungarian 4-0 face Andorra Andorra, Hungary’s attack has the threat, thirty-fourth minutes after receiving Zusake winger, Glasgow score, score 1-0. Forty-third minutes, Zusake Lang once again sent assists, the score was 2-0. Seventy-third minutes after receiving the Glasgow after passing long son Joe outside the instep to break, the score was 3-0. Eighty-eighth minutes, Soloi heel broke, the Hungarian 4-0 win, get seventh points. Cyprus 3-1 Cyprus Gibraltar to quickly enter the state, twenty-ninth minutes, non krystic kick Leipzig, then our Griffith break, leading 1-0 cyprus. Fifty-first minutes, Gibraltar scored a goal scoring card West Los, the score to 1-1, this is the national team in the history of the fourth official goals. Suodiliwu break sixty-fifth minutes, 2-1 ahead of cyprus. Eighty-seventh minutes, Sailisi help break Cyprus 3-1 win, get the first victory of world cup. Bulgaria 1-0 Belarus game for tenth minutes, Popov received Dailey negative pass after the break, scored fourteenth goals, the goal is to help the Bulgarian 1-0 win in Belarus, get sixth points. (Black Mamba)相关的主题文章: