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The postal savings bank listed on the first day to hold the issue price is the advantage and burden of sina outlets fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Newspaper reporter Wang Xiao Hongkong reported to a senior joint-stock banking official said on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter, to avoid the operation path of the postal savings bank and other commercial banks traditional direct comparison. "If the postal savings bank to do community banks, these outlets will become the carrier of financial management, one-stop service life. The key to the postal savings bank how to upgrade the level of service outlets." Finally, a large state-owned banks listed. At 9:30 on the morning of September 28th, the postal savings bank chairman Li Guohua and President Lv Jiajin China sounded the Gong, the postal savings bank of Limited by Share Ltd ("postal savings bank", stock code: 1658.HK) officially listed on the Hongkong stock exchange trading. This is the world’s largest IPO this year, the price of H-shares of HK $4.76 per share, according to estimates, after deducting underwriting commissions and other expenses, and if the over allotment option is not exercised, the postal savings bank global sale raised HK $56 billion 627 million net. Fund-raising will be used to supplement their development capital. The first day of listing, the postal savings bank all day long maintained at HK $4.76-4.77 per share fluctuates slightly, closing at HK $4.77. Li Guohua said in an interview with the media, the price remained at 4.76-4.77 yuan has been a good performance. Previously, Chinese banks listed on the first day of frequent break in Hong kong. The postal savings bank opened in March 2007, is the youngest large commercial banks. But its history can be traced back to 1919, the postal savings business. After the completion of the joint-stock reform, the introduction of the war vote and after the listing, the postal savings bank’s corporate governance and capital strength has been significantly improved, but still a lot in front of the postal savings bank’s challenge: the interest rate market, upgrading physical outlets and personnel training, a test of the transformation of the postal savings bank. Cornerstone investors accounted for the global offering 77% in the listing ceremony, the postal savings bank strategic investor representative and cornerstone investors on behalf of all the scene, including UBS, life insurance, payment service and Chinese ant HNA Group, China shipbuilding industry, the national social security fund. In banking stocks generally undervalued and the investor enthusiasm is not high under the background of popular, the postal savings bank. When the introduction of strategic investors in 2015, Lv Jiajin introduction, the bank was originally 15% of the proportion of new shares issued, but investors should ask, after several rounds of negotiations to determine the decision of 16.92%. Strategic investors have even proposed to subscribe for all new shares." In the face of the global public offering, 95% international sale, the sale of the Hongkong to do 5%. When the public offering in Hongkong, received 30990 valid applications for subscription of 1 billion 575 million shares, equivalent to the total number of shares of the initial recognition of the total number of shares of the purchase of 2.60 times. In the international placement, the postal savings bank has 6 cornerstone investors, including CSIC Investment of One相关的主题文章: