The Postal Savings Bank IPO further by the Hong Kong Group to subscribe for $2 billion 400 million (

The postal savings bank IPO further $2 billion 400 million to subscribe for the postal savings bank of Hong Kong Group giant IPO will begin in the postal savings bank listed on the road further. On the afternoon of September 11th, the Hong Kong Group announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong Group (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. as the main cornerstone investors to participate in the postal savings bank H-share IPO, a total of not more than $2 billion 400 million dollars for. This means that the postal savings bank H shares will start IPO. In September 9th, it has been reported that the postal savings bank has been included on the Hong Kong Group, five cornerstone investors. But so far, only Hong Kong group confirmed the news. Previously, the CBRC Chinese to show approval of the postal savings bank for the bank in the initial public offering (IPO) size of not more than 13 billion 922 million 576 thousand shares. According to the bank previously given per share price of RMB 3.89 yuan, is expected to scale up to RMB 54 billion 159 million yuan, to $6.4 to $1, about $8 billion 462 million. This scale will also become the world’s first year IPO. The Hong Kong Group announced that it agreed to subscribe for not less than the total issued share capital of 4.15% shares, and no more than 4.99% of the total share capital after the issuance, the total amount does not exceed $2 billion 400 million for the hkd. The subscription shares and the subscription price will be according to the postal savings bank and the global offering between jgcs agreement to be determined. The announcement also said that this investment can be considerable, sound financial returns. The postal savings bank rate of return on net assets in high level, stable financial performance. In accordance with the provisions of the HKEx, as cornerstone investors, the Hong Kong Hongkong the subscription shares since the postal savings bank listing date (including listing date) may not be sold within six months. The September 5th update in Hong Kong hearing data, the "daily economic news" reporter noted that at the end of the first half, the postal savings bank non-performing loan ratio was 0.78%, compared with the beginning of the 0.8%, a slight decrease of 0.02 percentage points. At the end of the first half, the bank’s total assets of more than 7 trillion and 970 billion yuan, an increase of about $2015 compared with the end of 7 trillion and 300 billion. In June this year, the China Banking Regulatory Commission approved the bank issued no more than 50 billion yuan of capital bonds of class two. However, as mentioned above, the bank has not issued the bonds as of the date of the document. And said that in addition to the proposed issue of two capital bonds, there is no other financing plan. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: