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The party newspaper published an article on the writers to cancel the membership of the sacked officials: Wenyuan should be kept clean – Sohu culture channel according to the Guangming Daily reported on November 14th, the day before, decided to cancel Chinese Writers Association Secretariat, Zhang Jingshan (Liaoning), Fang Jingcheng (Zhejiang), Li Yongxin (Henan province) 3 people Chinese Writers Association membership. This is the second last January announced the cancellation of the original Guangdong Provincial Committee, director of the United Front Work Department Minister Zhou Zhenhong and former Hunan Province Highway Management Bureau Feng Weilin membership, China writers once again to the sacked officials also fired shots, since 2009 fifth batch of official members. With the continued deepening of anti-corruption action, a group of official writers have been investigated. "Body" is defeated, "the name is cracked" subsequently, corrupt the integrity of life is collapsed, also be expected. Whether it is "working hard", or "immortal grand occasion, the Wenyuan should keep quiet and clean. Officials and writers two identity interfere is not clear, reflected in the corrupt body, chaos will inevitably intensify these roles, thus making increasingly as officials, officials do not like writers writers, and even mutual arrogance, at the expense of the power of ethics at the same time, but also undermined the style. Among the above three, the party became the writer started gradually from official. When it served as the county cultural center, chairman of the association of editing County, also was feverishly in Wen Chong, literary seedling, youth literature has gathered in his local home all night long talk poetry. And after served as secretary of Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City Bureau of Cultural Relics Museum of Jinhua city construction headquarters, the party became began accepting bribes, the works of "indifferent aloof" and the reality of misfits. While in charge of Henan Hebi coal industry (Group) limited liability company more than 10 years of Li Yongxin, the literary meaning no devotion. In his place, since like "train with coal shipped to busy, jingle river power plant" can get writers identity, published works for money, is a fearless. The 5 year book 8, arrange group reimbursement costs 642 thousand yuan book, let subordinates mine published personal poetry set, "text" is popular with power. It can be said that these corrupt officials + "writer", "life notes", a beautiful new world is not just the pen show, and more is to fly, corruption dance. The identity of the writer is more like a kind of protection color, or that is a place to settle the rotten heart of the illusory world. The essence of poetry, ink, but these officials as writer elegant props. Such "Literature" is not only hypocritical, but also toxic. It not only did not show the depth and breadth of human nature can be reached, but also damaged the most cherished spiritual value of the world. Say this is not to deny that the traditional "the prefect" benchmark significance, nor ignore today there are still many officials in the official time carefully for the cultural heritage, but to emphasize that once the literature has become a fig leaf, a writer under the guise of the people and must go down together. Of course a writer can be an official, officials may not join the writers’ association. The key problem is that the two both have a relatively clear boundary, but also the spirit of consistent and coordinated way. As;相关的主题文章: