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The Pacers choice let fear become a second rate team, George also became a luxury Sohu signed sports Indiana Pacers this season under the leadership of George turned into a "union warmth team" negative negative negative negative wasp nets bucks bulls is more terrible even before this defeat has suffered 7 defeats the 76 people in Philadelphia, but the game can not walk back to back the war, nor is there any non battle casualties, but the pedestrian is indeed lost. George still won 26 points and 9 rebounds in 4 eye data assists and 2 steals, is with a real team, said this summer to the transaction, in addition to Hill to jazz, reinforcing the Pacers is very successful, for all star point guard Teague signed to replace Hill, Thaddeus young and Eyre Sen, Jeff Brooks has the combat power of the players, but the Pacers have become more and more weak, this is why? [SHARP wrote about the pedestrian reinforcement because of the renewal of George] Han proverb "Xiao Hebai Xiao He", the Pacers move is "as also George also George", cause all talk from George’s contract, Paul – George’s contract expires in 2019, his contract with Harden Westbrook, had not re sign Harden in the summer but is as like as two peas, with the team to sign a contract to sign a 4 year contract worth 118 million yuan, Westbrook also re signed a 3 year contract worth 86 million, there are two reasons to sign a contract, is a form of team sincerity, want to leave star two star players, is the expression of the team’s willingness to want to stay. But George has always refused to sign a contract with the Pacers, as early as October 12th Beijing time news, Grantland website columnist Andrew SHARP wrote: "Larry bird summer reinforcement is to keep the MVP level players, but George may still refuse to renew." Bird knew that the strength of George, he was afraid to leave George walker, so he is George tailored a strong offensive lineup, which is why he traded to Thaddeus young Hedi case, he also served as a trading Jefferson Meyers Turner bench cut second points in the lineup, he wanted to build a super the offensive lineup made the biggest contribution to play Paul George, which is why he refused to sign Vogel, he hoped that Nate Macmillan offensive lineup reconstruction. In this lineup, George can play his role, relieve their stress, may let him win the MVP level data, it is worth mentioning that George last season a month best averaged 29.5 points, 8.2 rebounds and 4.5 assists in 47.5% shooting, this is undoubtedly is the MVP level data. In this context, George may be willing to sign a long-term contract with the pacers. But he never thought of sacking Vogel, let Macmillan rebuild the offensive lineup not only failed to make the team better instead of worse, Vogel Walker in three years, to establish a good defensive system, and in his last season. "Jinzhou warriors parody death five" also played well, of course is to defense in the first place, the Pacers also made the playoffs, but never thought the bird!相关的主题文章: