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The original animation "express man" cross-border Mengniu sweet small hi 798 hi earthshaking – Sohu has been popular entertainment, seems to be accustomed to the animation and "house stick together. In the eyes of animation enthusiasts, the two and the three dimension seems to be a certain limit. In May 15th, 798 LIVE HOUSE theatre animation and egg cross build a part of the audience and the audience’s rock music animation has become a party, the independent rock hi explosion site. Mengniu sweet little hi sweet milk and love fresh bee App these two net health brand, has also become a cross-border music body flash sponsors. It is understood that Mengniu hi sweet sweet milk, Mengniu launched belong to the Internet users favorite sweet milk brand, young, energetic, self ridicule, and various humorous sweet elements, both from the packaging and brand positioning, have seen the modern Internet young preferences, has become the network selling sweet milk brand, degree of general people. Love fresh bee App is nowadays the Internet most young people rely on App products, salted egg animation staff said, see the "express man" Internet users love at home, seems to rely on the Internet to idle away in seeking pleasure deep love, fresh and sweet little bee Mengniu hi is the value of the Internet and the "express man" fans of the audience "life", to break the traditional cross into the activities of the nouveau riche dad sponsor. Who is the animation from the "cheap chicken egg?" to "act 100 strokes express man", became the first domestic animation animation of egg hatching and successful creation of IP animation company, with the "express man" first season, salted egg finally realized to create "animation belongs to Chinese own superhero". The original animation "express man" is to open the brain hole, breaking the traditional domestic animation, do something different, "read the express man" of the audience said, "express man" is the largest domestic animation, they have seen the brain open has been talking about domestic animation seems to have a few words, with some derogatory but, with animation produced by the "express salted man" heat rising, the words of domestic animation seems to be accepted and loved by more and more users. The cross border activities, but also with animation "express salted man" IP is a bold attempt. Activities, staff and fans enthusiastic interaction. Adorable sweet mouth Wang, coquetry express man props, attracted everyone have funny photos. And pay tribute to the independent music scene rock lying, it is the atmosphere to reach a climax, a first wave of surging rock songs, so that the audience is immersed in the charm of music. The "express man" is a kind of original animation animation produced? Egg "express man" animation is full of imagination, compared to the huge cool Marvel Universe, animation to create "Superman salted employment" the local super hero system based on real life, or is the current hot topic of Internet life or. Since August 2015, because of its style and become an independent school new story line, quickly attracted a lot of fans, popular audience. Up to now, the amount of network play has exceeded 250 million, a good harvest.相关的主题文章: