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The old man took 20 years to collect 150 thousand red list to build the largest army of the original title: the old man took 20 years to collect 150 thousand red list   the largest army built forest of Steles in Sichuan south of Bazhong, there is a Chinese biggest in nearly 5000 of the Red Army, granite stone, engraved with the names of over 138 thousand Red Army soldiers and meritorious service. This "Sichuan Shanxi Soviet generals Beilin" built with the current of the memorial hall of honorary curator Zhang Chongyu inseparable. From 1992 onwards, Zhang Chongyu and colleagues visit the country to collect the list of times and raise donations, with 20 years of time, travel more than 70 kilometers, collected about 150 thousand red list, and in Sichuan province and Bazhong municipal government support and funding, will be built of. Someone will look for a Chongyu tour, known as the "Long March of". And today, the 80 year old Zhang is still around Bazhong Red Army directory and deeds collection. Recently, deep reading (WeChat ID:shenduzhongguo) reporter Zhang Chongyu Sichuan visits to the elderly, and listened to his story of the red army. The top 138 thousand of the October 25th Bazhong Red Army name engraved just down the rain, Beilin Museum is located at the south of the top generals niches of Ginkgo became net, bright yellow. The museum stands the monument and the Sichuan Shanxi Soviet Red Army soldiers after the Red Army monument, and built a memorial park. Which is located a large solid stone, Xu Xiangqian Chen Changhao and Li Xiannian contains China the Fourth Front Army major generals. To commemorate the like park as the center, to around the mountain and built in three, is a total length of 800 meters, 6 meters wide of the corridor. As of the main project, the promenade top is golden glazed tile, of which nearly 4000 single block memorial monument, engraved with the name of the Red Army soldiers, avatar, and donated the names of relatives or resume. In addition to individual single monument, there are hundreds of pieces of Carved Red Army names and Martyrs Monument, together with the common single monument, engraved with more than 138 thousand officers and soldiers of the Red Army’s name. The 66 year old Lv Xinchi and 64 year old sister came from Shenyang and Beijing came in their father, the Red Army major general Lv Liping monument before offering a handful of yellow chrysanthemum. Although the father of granite Obelisk in Bazhong has been standing for many years, this is the first time to come to pay homage to the sisters. A few years ago, a Yunnan Police Fire Brigade General visit steles of generals Memorial, memorial hall found difficulties, then according to the list, donated built for Red Army soldiers be strangers to each other, the list has major general Lv Liping. Many years later, Lv Xinchi’s friend happened to this found a piece of stone, as the daughter of Lv Xinchi know this, in addition to the original from the father from Jiangxi Trinidad Xingguo County, Bazhong City, the father had fought, but also stands a father of the inscriptions. After the visit of generals, Lv Xinchi said with emotion: "very touched, do so much work, it is really not easy." Lv Xinchi’s so-called "work" refers to a large extent, advocating the construction of Zhang Chongyu Beilin generals visited the country, all over the process visit the old Red Army Red army. Jun相关的主题文章: