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The old man want to transfer 190 thousand bank fraud case in time to stop the original title: the old man to collect 190 thousand yuan bank found tricky Chinese daily news (reporter Xie Tao) nearly eight years late uncle Deng almost lost 190 thousand yuan yesterday, when he received a phone call after the fraud to the bank will be ready in 190 thousand for gospel truth, remove all the money, when the old man shivering prepare the documents to fill, the bank staff found the trick, in time to stop, let the old man not to be deceived. "Yesterday morning, my phone rang, I switched on the other said my phone will shut down, if you want to know the details please press 0." Uncle Deng, he pressed the 0 key, is a self proclaimed Fujian Longyan police people. You are Deng Moumou, you are suspected of economic fraud involving 250 thousand yuan. You must be frank." The phone also said a ministry in Fujian for his name is machine tools involved, has more than 1800 yuan in arrears. This frightened uncle Deng, nearly eight years late he had never been to Fujian, but not engaged in any illegal acts. Uncle Deng tried to explain, but the other did not believe. "How much money do you have in your account, we are Fujian Public Security Bureau, if you want to prove your innocence, we have contact with the government of Xi’an, please send your property into the Xi’an Property Review Office account. If there is no problem, will return after 1 hours." Each other on the phone, said, you are now a suspect, not to tell others, if the news leaked, we will immediately contact the Xi’an police will arrest you." Frightened uncle Deng, quickly took his passbook, at around 1 pm yesterday to Xi’an Street East bank remittance. We see the elderly to take a one-time 190 thousand, I think there is a problem, but the old man said to relatives to buy money." Yesterday afternoon, the bank staff said that the old man has been holding a cell phone calls, take so much money is not accompanied by family members, filled with documents trembling, more nervous. The staff to understand the situation of the elderly, the elderly did not speak, will be reflected to the lobby manager and customer manager, after long time patience to do the work, old people say "police" received a telephone, only the name of all deposits transferred to the special account, in order to prove his innocence. To understand what was going on, the bank staff to stop the remittance, and recommended for the elderly to the Public Security Bureau of Shaanxi Province – Telecommunications fraud center 029-86165788, 029-86165651 to reflect this. It is understood that the elderly have heart disease, a few days before discharge. Yesterday, uncle Deng repeatedly thanked the staff after leaving the bank. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: