The official focus on real estate risk warning not only rise in the financial assets of

The official focus on real estate risk warning: not only rise in the financial assets of Sohu recently, several state media issued a warning of the current real estate risk. The article pointed out that the recent property market continued hot hidden risks. Part of the city’s property market high fever state, is moving towards the direction of the bubble evolution. In September 14th, the central bank in charge of the "Financial Times" published the article said, in recent years, the real estate market seems to be taking over the first half of last year the stock market frenzy, parts of the city house prices continued to rise, trading volume continued to enlarge, interpretation of a bull market. The article pointed out that the current part of the city’s property market, high fever state is evolving towards the direction of the bubble. Since then, Shenzhen, Beijing and other cities gradually spread to the second tier cities of Xiamen, Nanjing, Suzhou, Hefei. Behind the rise in the property market, the couple to buy a fake divorce, a reproduction Day CD and other news after another. However, the article pointed out that there is no only rise or fall of assets, which is the law of the market itself, the real estate market as well. Although on the whole, the current part of the property market "high fever" can represent the national price differentiation also cannot say the property market bubble burst arrival, but for the irrational overheating in some areas, the parties should always be vigilant. The same day, Xinhua News Agency’s "Economic Reference News" also pointed out that the current number of indicators appear to deviate from the real estate market risk is increasing. On the one hand, the soaring prices at the same time, this should be accelerated to the inventory of real estate has a downward trend; on the other hand, in the area of housing construction, new construction area, the completion area, sales area, land area growth have come down at the same time, the national real estate investment growth rate has edged up. "Economic Reference News" quoted insiders as saying that behind these deviated from the real estate data, the property market bubble risk surge, undercurrents. Haitong Securities analyst Jiang Chao said that in the context of the national real estate cycle peaked, the first tier cities to become a hot spot for gold. However, from the deposit and loan data, the first tier cities deposit growth has been significantly reduced, and much lower than the loan growth rate, which means that the ability of banks to reduce lending, but also indicates that the real estate prices are adjusted to increase the risk. At the same time, the Xinhua article also pointed out that the first tier cities and some hot second tier cities housing prices, the property market hot. In the land market, high prices and frequent. In order to cool the overheated market, a number of recent hot cities have tightened policy or access to control window period, the industry have said that the market demand has been overdrawn. In August 31st this year, the people’s Daily published an article pointed out that prices rose more than people’s expectations. People’s daily in this article entitled "efforts to inventory, beware of" turning "the article pointed out that the Clay oven rolls", prices rise to the purchase, consumption has brought a lot of inventory, but also need to guard against the risk of a new round of growth stocks. At present, Xiamen, Hefei, Nanjing, Suzhou and other second tier city, the government has issued a regulation policy limited tactic, some improving Shoufu ratio, some of the purchase of housing units, or to make a new land auction. This year.相关的主题文章: