The office of the state office to standardize law enforcement in another meaning – the Sohu

The office of the state office to standardize law enforcement in another meaning – Sohu news how police law enforcement? This is the first half of this year after several negative incidents involving police, the public and law enforcement seems to have raised the same question. This is also our discussion of public security law enforcement standardization can not be avoided. Unable to avoid it at the outset. How should the police enforce the law? For ordinary people, the question is more, I walk on the road will not be without questioning, summons; "Shenzhen girl is interrogating incident", "Lanzhou police beatings incident will not happen to me, I cooperate with the police, but the He Baozhang as their own interests? For the police, it seems to be eager to get a clear answer. How can we enforce the law? In the face of violence against the law, whether we fight back? If a law enforcement has been questioned abuse of power, how do we enforce the law, police engaged in law enforcement work, they are hard to pay people can not imagine. On the one hand, the fight against crime, a rush in the front, but on the other hand, once the face of negative events, police officers involved were suspended and even criminal responsibility has become almost the norm. In the face of people’s repeated questioning, their restless heart, they are full of grievances, they do not know. While the outside world is a complex environment brought about by law enforcement challenges, while the people are eagerly looking forward to, in the context of a comprehensive rule of law, the public security organs how to enforce the law? The answer, and where? Today, the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council issued the opinions on deepening the standardization of public security law enforcement, Changan Jun seems to find the answer. Summed up in eight words: strict, standardized, fair, civilized. Among them, the "standard" two words is the most important. In this view, law enforcement standardization standards more stringent requirements clear, more and more detailed, "ruler" and "follow" everywhere, not vague, dry cargo. Sincerity full. "Opinions" clear requirements, improve law enforcement uniform information system application, except in cases involving state secrets, the full realization of the online handling; establish and perfect the law enforcement process recording mechanism, the full implementation of the law enforcement activities of audio and video recording system; to create "sunshine policing", optimization of the law enforcement information services, establish effective administrative reconsideration administrative punishment and determine the online public documents system. The law enforcement process is not reversible, and the more powerful the fixed and public evidence is, the more help to restore the facts, reduce suspicion and conflict. In a word, let the police power run in the sun, but also to refine the rules, the overall supervision of the way to run. Reform has long been on the road a lot of public opinion speculated that deepening the reform of public security law enforcement is aimed at the case of the thunder came. In fact, not the case. Changan Jun found that access to media reports, since 2008, as a discipline, establish the good image of the public security organs of law enforcement standardization has been included in one of the "three constructions", formulated the 29 words of the "rules" of law enforcement of public security organs. The figures confirm its effectiveness: in 2009 and in 2003, compared to the national public.相关的主题文章: