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The death toll climbed Haiti hurricane "Matthew" hit the U.S. – Henan branch network — original title: the death toll climbed Haiti hurricane "Matthew" landing the picture Reuters quoted data compiled by Haiti Civil Defense Department reported that as of 7, the number of deaths strong hurricane "Matthew" in southern Haiti and northwest which has more than 877, there are still about 61 thousand and 500 people stay in shelters. At the same time, "Matthew" arrived in Florida, USA on the 7 day and went all the way to the north. At least 4 people died in Florida, and more than 1 million electricity outages in the state. Some of the severely affected areas are "ghost towns", and the roof of NASA’s launch center is even "blown out" by the hurricane. [the death toll in Haiti increased]. The number of casualties reported in Haiti continued to rise as a result of the gradual resumption of the information in remote areas of Haiti, which had been cut off by the storm. At least 3 towns and western coastal towns have reported the deaths of ten people, including the small town of Shang tal. "A tree house fell, we are one family under the rubble unable to escape," Chantal residents Jean Donald said, "come and help us move away the ruins of nearby residents, and I find that his wife had died." Beside Donald and her young daughter, she was crying and crying "Mom." Chantal town mayor said, local 86 people have died, mostly because the houses were trees collapsed, 20 people are still missing. The United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said that due to bad weather and road impassability, the Haiti government and the UN’s air and land disaster assessment operations were launched 6 days ago. In the southwestern part of Haiti, there are still a lot of heavy disaster areas with poor contact with the outside world because of communication interruption and flooding, and the food and water resources of the residents are urgent. According to the Reuters, at least 7 people have died of cholera at the moment in Haiti, probably because of drinking a flood of mixed dirt. The U.S. Navy has sent a "Mesa Verde amphibious transport dock ship to Haiti to participate in disaster relief work. Matthew, a hurricane "Matthew", landed early in the coastal area of Eastern Florida. The National Hurricane Research Center issued a communique on the same day, saying that the intensity of Hurricane Matthew dropped from 4 to 3 hurricanes after landing in Florida, but the maximum sustained wind speed was once maintained at 193 kilometers per hour. On the 7 day later, with the maximum sustained wind speed of Hurricane Matthew decreasing to 175 kilometers per hour, the National Hurricane research center of the United States reduced it to a 2 level hurricane. However, although the hurricane "Matthew" intensity has been reduced, it is still "extremely dangerous". In severe areas affected by hurricanes, trees are uprooted. Agence France-Presse, Florida, Saint Augustine "empty", the city almost dark, shops are closed, most of the roads were flooded or destroyed by trees. "I am afraid it is difficult to restore some of the houses or does not exist," said Schaefer Augustine mayor Nancy?. In Volusia County, a woman 7 at noon while the storm lull when they go out to their own animal feed, but unfortunately fallen trees hit and killed. A woman was killed in the Putnam County trees in the storm. Florida authorities warn that although hurricane Matthew is far away from Miami and other densely populated coastal cities in the state, "Matthew" is still likely to move to Florida coastal area in the future, causing storm surges in coastal cities. "The real danger is the storm surge caused by hurricanes, especially in the north of Florida and South Georgia, the most vulnerable areas." Craig Fu gat, the federal emergency measure of the United States, said. US President Barack Obama issued a warning on 7 days, calling on people everywhere to be unable to take it lightly. "I want to emphasize is that the hurricane" Matthew "is still very dangerous, there is a possibility of causing casualties, storm disasters and serious loss of property," Obama listen to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other departments on the report told reporters after the hurricane. [space] center the roof was blown NASA said the hurricane "Matthew" 7 attacks in Florida, Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, causing the roof damage, circuit interruption, however, rockets and other key equipment safe and sound "". "Many facilities in Kennedy Space Center are damaged, including serious roof damage, broken windows, seawater irrigation, and damage to building walls…" Sara lov, a NASA employee, wrote on the agency’s website, "even so, aircraft and other equipment should not be damaged." The Agence France-Presse reports that NASA will make a subsequent formal damage assessment. In addition, due to the impact of strong hurricanes, the 6 famous tourist attractions such as Disney Park and Universal Studios in Florida announced that they were suspended until the end of the hurricane. The Daily Mail reported that it was the fourth time in the 45 – year history of Disney Park, Florida, to suspend business. The Disney Park was temporarily closed for three hurricanes in 1999 and 2004. "According to the latest forecast, Disney paradise… It will be closed today (6 days) to 7, "a spokesman for Disney Park in Florida said," the Disney park is scheduled to resume business in October 8th. " (Xinhua Liu Xi College (ZTS) commissioning editor Yang Xiaona and Shang Mingzhen) 海地飓风死亡人数攀升 “马修”登陆美国–河南分网–人民网 原标题:海地飓风死亡人数攀升 “马修”登陆美国   资料图片   路透社援引海地民防部门汇总的数据报道,截至7日,强飓风“马修”在海地南部和西北部造成的死亡人数已超过877人,仍有约6.15万名民众呆在避难所内。   与此同时,“马修”7日抵达美国佛罗里达州并一路北上,佛州已有至少4人死亡,全州有逾100万户停电。一些受灾严重地区似“鬼城”,美国国家航空航天局发射中心的屋顶甚至被飓风“吹坏”。   【海地死亡人数激增】   先前因风暴切断对外联系的海地偏远地区信息逐渐恢复后,海地报告的人员伤亡数量持续攀升。至少3个山镇和西端沿海城镇相继报告数十人死亡,包括小镇尚塔尔。   “一棵树将房子砸倒,我们一家人都被压在废墟下无法脱身,” 尚塔尔居民让-唐纳德说,“附近居民过来帮我们搬开废墟,然后我发现妻子已经死了。”在唐纳德身边还有她年幼的女儿,正哭着喊“妈妈”。   尚塔尔镇镇长说,当地已有86人死亡,多数是因为房屋被树木压塌,还有20人失踪。   联合国人道主义事务协调厅说,因恶劣天气和道路无法通行,海地政府和联合国的空中、陆地灾情评估行动6日才启动。   由于通讯中断、洪水封路,海地西南部仍有大片重灾区与外界联系不畅,居民食物和水资源告急。按路透社的说法,海地眼下已至少有7人死于霍乱,很可能是由于饮用了混有污物的洪水。   美国海军已派出“弗德台地”号两栖船坞运输舰前往海地参与救灾工作。   【美多地似“鬼城”】   飓风“马修”7日早登陆佛罗里达州东部沿海地区并一路北上。美国国家飓风研究中心当天发布公报说,飓风“马修”在登陆佛州后强度从4级降为3级飓风,但最大持续风速曾一度保持在每小时193公里。   7日晚些时候,随着飓风“马修”的最大持续风速减弱到每小时175公里,美国国家飓风研究中心将其降级为2级飓风。不过,尽管飓风“马修”强度有所减轻,仍“极度危险”。   在受飓风影响严重地区,树木被连根拔起。法新社报道,佛罗里达州圣奥古斯丁几乎“空无一人”,全城一片黑暗,商店全部关闭,多数道路被水淹没或被树木砸毁。   “一些房屋恐怕难以恢复原样或不复存在,”圣奥古斯丁市市长南希?谢弗说。   在沃卢夏县,一名女子7日中午趁风暴暂息时出门给自家动物喂食,却不幸被倒下的树木砸中身亡。帕特南县一名女子也在风暴中遭树木砸死。   佛罗里达州当局警告,尽管飓风“马修”远离迈阿密等该州人口分布密集的沿海大城市,“马修”仍有可能在未来转向佛罗里达州沿海地区移动,在沿海城市引发风暴潮。   “真正的危险是飓风引发的风暴潮,尤其是在佛罗里达州北部和佐治亚州南部,是最为脆弱的地区。”美国联邦紧急措施署克雷格?富盖特说。   美国总统贝拉克?奥巴马7日发出警告,呼吁各地民众不能掉以轻心。   “我想向大家强调的是,飓风‘马修’仍非常危险,存在造成人员伤亡、风暴灾害和严重财产损失的可能性,”奥巴马听取美国联邦紧急措施署等部门关于飓风情况汇报后向记者表示。   【航天中心屋顶被掀】   美国国家航空航天局说,飓风“马修”7日袭击了位于佛罗里达州卡纳维拉尔角的肯尼迪航天中心,造成屋顶损坏、电路中断,不过,火箭和其他关键设备“安然无恙”。   “肯尼迪航天中心多处设施受损,包括屋顶严重损坏、窗户破碎、海水灌入、建筑墙板受损……”美国国家航空航天局员工萨拉?洛夫在该机构网站上写道,“尽管如此,飞行器等设备应该没有受损。”   法新社报道,美国国家航空航天局将在随后作出正式损害评估。   此外,由于强飓风天气的影响,佛罗里达州的迪士尼乐园和环球影城等著名旅游景点6日宣布暂停营业直至飓风天气结束。   英国《每日邮报》报道,这是佛罗里达州迪士尼乐园长达45年的历史中,第四次暂停营业。这座迪士尼乐园曾在1999年和2004年间三次因飓风暂时关闭。   “根据最近的预报,迪士尼乐园……将在今天(6日)至7日关闭,”佛罗里达州迪士尼乐园发言人说,“迪士尼乐园定于10月8日恢复营业。”(刘曦 新华社专特稿) (责编:杨晓娜、尚明桢)相关的主题文章: