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The next ten years, the dollar will remain the world’s most important international currency – China news agency new network in August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ruan Yulin) Chinese Center for international economic exchanges held in Beijing 29 series of achievements conference pointed out that the next ten years, the dollar will remain the most important international currency. China international economic exchange center research group wrote in "the next ten years of Sino US economic and trade relations" for the next ten years of Sino US currency outlook, think the leading position in the international financial crisis has not undermined the dollar in the international monetary system, in the foreseeable future, the dollar is still the most important global reserve currency. The task force believes that the status of the dollar in international trade and investment will not change. U.S. Treasury market is still the world’s largest and most liquid bond market, the dollar is still relatively safe investment and hedge channels. Which has been published in the currency of international banking debt, dollar assets accounted for 46%, 38.2% of the world’s international bonds denominated in dollars. Analysts believe that there is no other international credit currency or currency basket can replace the dollar. The euro will continue by the European debt crisis, the British economy pounds by the weak yen, still has its limitations, the degree of maturity of emerging economies, the opening of the financial market system, market degree can not support its currency to play a leading role in the international market. Therefore, in the coming period, the dollar will continue to maintain its position as a major international currency. China international economic exchange center task force pointed out that the internationalization of the RMB is a long historical process, the next ten years will not be able to complete this process. The influence of RMB in the international monetary system is still weak, and the status of RMB does not match with China’s economic strength. Currently, the official reserve currency in the world, the proportion of RMB is still low. At the same time, the yuan does not have the strength to challenge the dollar. Especially in the next few decades, the yuan is unlikely to pose a challenge to the U.S. dollar’s international reserve currency status. (end)相关的主题文章: