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"The new song" Chinese Aurora sing under 24 days on sale Ali travel Aurora Concert – Beijing, Beijing, September 20, Jay Chou started with the "surface strongest team Wang Feng and team PK, the first new song" China "has entered the stage of the tutor team PK cruel. In October 7th, "China’s new song" will be in the bird’s nest finals, do you think this game is over? You are wrong, this trip to Finland airlines, Ali Finland Tourism Bureau launched the "Aurora line" contains the new song "and" China jointly organized the "Aurora concert", which means "new song" Chinese will sing in the Nordic Aurora under! The concert will be held at the end of October. Will be on October 24th, starting in October 26th, the aurora borealis will be included in the aurora borealis concert tickets, the goods will be scheduled to start at 23:55 on September 24th, the world’s only 100 places, the price is only $9998. Aurora Tour 7 days 5 nights, Finland Airlines flight to Helsinki, can also upgrade the glass house in the north of the Arctic Circle and the fairy tale house, watch "flash and color filling long polar night" Aurora Borealis magnificent spectacle, with Santa Claus to more snow sports experience. Aurora Aurora concert concert will be curious is how a scene? The song sound which singer will vocals in Aurora? All this leads to unlimited reverie. Imagine, a large green under the wilderness, originally gives a mysterious, cool feeling. The sound of this song take a great sound stage, the young singer cries in such extreme brilliant environment or singing, or will be a kind of incomparable extreme performance. The sky in brilliant flame will be made one and the distant sound of music to the audience, and bring the visual and auditory extreme feelings, is the modern young people to pursue an ultimate experience, will be an unforgettable journey through each visitor. At present, on which singer song sound exactly 6 strong to also can make nothing of it. But has been finalized, after the second "China good voice" champion singer Li Qi will participate in the aurora concert. I believe his clever performances will bring the scene very comfortable and relaxed experience, while the new and old singer live PK or under the aurora improvisation, giving a refreshing feeling. In addition, Ali also travel in collaboration with ALI music, music for many people involved, which lasted one and a half, from hundreds of songs, select the most distinctive Aurora theme song, will also be in the aurora concert. Don’t forget, Finland is a country full of singers. When the aurora concert stage, will also fly Finland ethereal melodious singing singer. Once, the northern lights from us how far away, now, only separated by a piece of mobile phone screen. You only need to open the Ali or Taobao go to travel, travel channel to find Aurora line sale link, after payment to pack up, waiting for departure, October to Finland to see the aurora, the aurora to listen to the concert! Ali IP strategy results previews when IP travel economy more and more people talked about, tourism circle has also set off a tide of "IP" on the occasion, Ali.相关的主题文章: