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The new old opera charm   Hubei " opera into the campus into the outstanding cultural heritage " " class " culture original title: old opera art new new charm [?] opera into the campus open bar: opera has a long history, unique charm and deep foundation of the masses that is an important carrier and the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture. In July 2015, the general office of the State Council issued a number of policies on supporting the development of traditional opera, which made a great effort to promote opera into the campus. Over the past year, drama is gradually entering the primary and secondary schools around the campus life. When the ancient drama and the students meet, will impact what kind of spark? From today, the newspaper launched the "realm of new opera into the campus?" a series of reports, show the new situation of "new opera into the campus". House of flowers, a red, plug, foot sleeves dance suibu…… The 71 Middle School of Wuhan city a group of "Princess" with a vivid interpretation of a section of Huangmei Opera drums. The day before, from the Hankou river area along the Street Lane Primary School campus to Xiangyang Hubei College of Arts and the Wolong square, Hubei province "opera into the campus are thousands of schools" staged". 2016, Hubei to promote the drama into the campus full coverage activities, has entered more than 8 thousand and 300 schools, accurate selection of different styles and characteristics of the repertoire, so that students of different ages feel the charm of opera culture. For a time, drama as a young people chase fashion hubei. Full coverage: let the drama into the students and families, the drama into the campus as a major event, efforts to promote the development of traditional opera, the development of the work plan and the implementation of the program." Hubei provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Minister Liang Weinian said. Since May this year, Wuhan city to carry out "opera into the campus? 1000 thousand school performances, has completed 70% performances, before the end of the year will achieve watching a drama performance goal of every student and parents free. Wuhan city also organized the Beijing Opera artist Zhu Shihui and other performers, select "three fork" "pick up" Bracelet "naotiangong" name, came to the lake, the second fruit 11 Wuhan University of Technology campus tour. Wang Lixin, vice president of Wuhan Han Opera Institute said: "we no longer keep the audience in the theater, but walked into the campus or directly to the children to the theatre." Xiaogan county has to play Chu Troupe "advantage, the organization of more than 200 professional actors into the school performances, lectures, counseling. "Theater opera into the campus" is not only the provincial cities and counties also have professional opera troupes, intangible cultural heritage, mass organizations and private opera art troupes "active factor". More and more opera lovers’ love to join, so that the drama to the more than 8 thousand and 300 campus as the core, radiation to thousands of households. Continued root: "show" and "enjoy the opera stage can" singing "Hubei" opera into the campus to carry forward the fine traditional culture to become a student of the class". The 14 year old Liu Mingzhe in Wuhan high school students to a head dress experience singing, reading, playing, and interested in Drama: acting lessons, it needs a strong will and extraordinary)相关的主题文章: